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Romance Is Dead: Nina Dobrev and Grant Mellon Broke Up



After less than a year of dating, The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev and her filmmaker boyfriend Grant Mellon have split. It's just the latest breakup story after several other celebrity couples this year did the same thing: Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth...and now Nina and Grant. But what caused the rift between the pair? Here's everything you need to know about the split. 

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Why did Nina Dobrev and Grant Mellon break up? 

Right now, it's difficult to tell exactly why Nina and Grant broke up, but it seems fairly obvious that the two have parted ways. Several inside sources revealed to E! News that Nina has been avoiding bringing Grant around to any events, which is a pretty clear-cut indication that they've broken up, despite being in something that seemed like a very stable relationship, at least from what we had seen thus far. 

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"Nina hasn't brought him around to any of her events in over a month and hasn't mentioned Grant," one of E! News' sources explained. "She has been partying and hanging out with friends without him. He has been shooting a Netflix film outside of Los Angeles and they haven't been hanging out together. Nina seems to be doing fine but none of their friends have seen or talked to Grant." It sounds like that's because they aren't deliberately hanging out anymore, natch. 

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"Nina hasn't mentioned a breakup," another source explained, in a similar vein. "But she hasn't spoken about Grant in several weeks. She seems to be quite happy and has recently been out socializing with friends, each time without Grant." Basically it sounds like this was very much a quiet uncoupling without fanfare. Perhaps the romance just fizzled out after the year ended up? Maybe Nina decided she wanted to move on to greener pastures, since it appears she's doing quite well. 

The pair originally was spotted in March hanging out together side-by-side at a Los Angeles Lakers game, despite reports that they were looking to keep their relationship low-key, at least as much as was reasonably possible. According to a source by way of People, the relationship simply "ran its course," despite the fact that they had been a "serious" pair. 

"Nina is always so busy with different projects, it’s hard for her," said the source. 

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It's unclear if either Nina or Grant have a new relationship in the works, but it looks like perhaps right now their best course of action is to process what happened between them and give it a bit of time to air out. Leaving any serious relationship can be particularly frustrating, but it doesn't seem (on the outside, at least) that either one of the parties involved are taking things in a difficult manner. 

Previously, Nina dated fellow actor Glen Powell before the pair split up in 2017. She also dated her Vampire Diaries co-star Ian Somerhalder for a few years, though that relationship fizzled out as well. Who's next? We'll have to wait and see. 

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