Here's the Season 2 Recap of 'Outer Banks' for All You Pogues out There

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Feb. 21 2023, Updated 2:42 p.m. ET

'Outer Banks' Cast
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If it feels like literal years since Outer Banks Season 2, that's because there was more than a year that spanned between the time the second season dropped and the Season 3 premiere. Naturally, even the most dedicated fans or, ahem, pogues, need a Season 2 recap for Outer Banks in order to appreciate where the show is going. So read on for our recap before you start on Season 3, which premieres on Feb. 23.

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The 'Outer Banks' Season 2 recap starts out with John B and Sarah in the Bahamas.

John B and Sarah's friends and families believed they were dead at the end of the first season. At the top of Season 2, we learn they're alive and hiding out in the Bahamas. Unfortunately, they don't have the gold from the Royal Merchant, but they get their eyes on it a couple of times while trying to evade the police and Sarah's dad, Ward.

John B and Sarah in 'Outer Banks'
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Rafe shoots Sarah before she and John B escape his clutches — without the gold.

When Ward and Sarah's brother Rafe track the couple down, Rafe shoots Sarah to stop them, but John B gets Sarah to safety and escapes capture from the pair. Again, they don't have the gold. But with the help of a sketchy doctor, John B saves Sarah's life.

Pope and the other pogues search for a key to lead them to the Cross of Santo Domingo.

Elsewhere, back in the Outer Banks, Pope and the gang are looking for a way to clear John B's name since he's wanted for the murder of the sheriff. The murder that Rafe, not John B, committed in Season 1. In Charleston, Pope meets with a woman, Carla, who apparently knows John B's dad from back in the day.

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Pope in 'Outer Banks'
Source: Netflix

She makes a deal with him that if he can find a key to lead him to the Cross of Santo Domingo, which is worth a fortune and believed to have mysterious miracle powers, she'll help clear John B's name. It's around this time that John B and Sarah have made it back to the area and they happen to be in Charleston too when they run into Pope and the rest of the pogues. And finally, they're all reunited.

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John B is arrested, but his name is cleared soon after.

Rafe's fingerprints are discovered on the murder weapon not long after John B is arrested. However, in a wild twist, Ward fakes his own death to take the blame for the murder and "kill" himself in the process. John B, Sarah, and the rest of the pogues find the cross, but before they can get their hands on it, Rafe, along with Carla's henchman and brother, Renfield, take it to bring to Carla.

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It turns out that the cross doesn't have magical healing properties, however, since it's missing a magical shroud thought to be the source of healing. Carla shoots her brother and Rafe narrowly escapes her. He does have the cross in hand, however.

At the end of the season, Ward kidnaps Sarah and takes her to the Caribbean.

Sarah is taken by her family, against her will, on Ward's boat, which has set sail for the Caribbean to escape inevitable murder charges and, likely, a laundry list of other offenses. The pogues hide on the boat to rescue Sarah and steal the cross.

They get away with Sarah and not the cross, but the line is finally drawn between her and her father when she chooses the pogues and he chooses his fortune.

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John B's father is actually alive (gasp!).

The final scene of Season 2 shows Carla arriving at a shack, where a man tells her that he'll help her find the missing shroud, or garment, believed to be what was missing inside of the Cross of Santo Domingo. The man tells her he will help her, but in return, she has to help his son.

And just like that, John B's dad is alive and Season 3 is going to be wild.

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