Woman Discovers What Fashion Brands Really Think of Women Approaching 40

A woman nearing her 40th birthday learned that there are very few clothing options after 40 — and they’re all ugly.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Oct. 6 2023, Published 1:59 p.m. ET

Aging is inevitable, but it's a privilege many don't get to experience. With age comes wisdom and experience, but society has historically punished women for aging. The fashion industry offers fewer options for women over 40, as shown by a TikTok user in 2023.

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In October 2023, a woman approaching 40 discovered how much the fashion industry despises women. During her TikTok, the woman showed how horrific clothing options become once a woman hits the big 4-0.

Keep reading to see her reactions to possibly the worst catalog ever!

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A woman showed her TikTok followers “what society thinks we should wear” after 40.

I draw inspiration from extraordinary women over 40, like Tracee Ellis Ross and Gabrielle Union. Age is just a number when you have style and confidence. However, TikTok user @badmomhacks has shown me that not all women over 40 have fashion options.

On Oct. 3, 2023, Bad Mom, whom I will continue to refer to as BM, posted a 6:41 eye-opening TikTok that taught her “what society thinks” women “should wear” after 40.

While BM isn’t precisely 40, she told her viewers she’s 38 but wanted to see what to prepare for because “hello, she’s coming.” She is her future 40-year-old self. BM proceeds to show off the looks that one brand she should’ve tagged thinks women over 40 are wearing in the year of our Lord — 2023. The brand included what BM referred to as “couch-themed clothing” and a distracting shade of yellow sprinkled on nearly every one of the outfits.

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As BM went through the outfits, I couldn’t help but gasp along with her as she went down the line of the outfits, which only got worse as the TikTok continued. Not to be dramatic, but every option, from the lace dress that resembled a table runner to the floral top that was all the rage in hospitals during the ‘80s to the shoes. Oh, the shoes.

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Like BM said, none of the stilettos the brand styled the horrendous outfits would last on her or too many other 40+ women’s feet for more than “30 minutes” at a party. However, despite all the shoes looking like they “hurt,” in many cases, they were the only things saving the outfits.

After going through the options worn by a model who should end her contract with this company immediately, BM joked that the selections made her realize she has two years to “redo my wardrobe” with poppies, lace, and church lady attire to ensure she’s prime-ready for life after 40.

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If “acting your age” at 40 resembles the looks BM pulled for her TikTok, prepare to call me childish once I reach the significant milestone. While I agree some items become less age-appropriate the older you become (though that’s debatable), it doesn’t mean you’re now required to look like a Golden Girls extra.

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In BM’s comments, many TikToker agreed that aging doesn’t equate to ugly. Many users cringed at the TikTok user’s examples and included multiple opinions of what the 40+ outfits were “giving.”

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“It’s giving, “I’ll bring the casserole,” one TikTok commenter said.

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“I’m 44 and immediately NO,” another user wrote. “It's giving 70 😬😒🤣.”

“These give me QVC circa 1992 vibes,” a third user mentioned.

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