Of Course There Were Issues With the 'Overwatch 2' Twitch Drops at Launch

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Jan. 3 2023, Updated 6:51 p.m. ET

It's never a dull moment within the Overwatch 2 community. The sequel to the once-massively popular hero shooter title was announced back in 2019 to remarkably little fanfare and a fair amount of confusion among fans as to how a numbered sequel to a live-services game would be implemented. The game would be released in early October 2022 to lukewarm critical response and palpable fan backlash. Many have lobbied complaints against the game's tedious and controversial Battle Pass system.

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The game was also subject to several glitches and bugs that were pervasive enough for the dev team at Blizzard Entertainment to temporarily remove playable characters to address certain issues.

Nevertheless, the game is still chugging along with regular events, story updates, and new content as it moves into the new year. At the tail end of 2022, Overwatch 2 rolled out new Twitch drops for the holiday season. Here's everything you should know about the game's new drops before they're gone.

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'Overwatch 2' rolled out new Twitch drops that you can still get your hands on.

With the advent of streamers as a major subculture for gaming, popular platforms like Twitch began to take advantage of a new audience who were watching streams as much as they were playing their favorite games. Enter Twitch drops, a special service rolled out back in 2017. By watching streamers as they play certain games, fans can earn in-game rewards that they can redeem in their own accounts.

Popular games like Fortnite, Sea of Thieves, and the original Overwatch have implemented these drops.

Naturally, the new Overwatch 2 would also introduce its own Twitch Drops. To celebrate the launch of Season 2, the game introduced new Twitch drops, allowing players to earn special skins and items for watching streams for a certain amount of time. The event ran from Dec. 6 to Dec. 20.

Blizzard outlined the rewards in a blog post. Watching Overwatch 2 streams for two hours earned you a Ramattra Restrained Spray. Players could also earn a legendary Ramattra skin after six hours of streams.

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During Christmas weekend, Overwatch 2 released even more Twitch drops that are currently available as of this writing. Watching two hours worth of Overwatch 2 streams nets you the "Festive D.Va Victory Pose." Watching up to six hours of streams will unlock the "Sleighing D.Va Legendary Skin."

These drops will be available until Jan. 4.

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Of course, it wouldn't be Overwatch 2 without some sort of hiccup to plague the new event. The holiday-themed Twitch drops were meant to launch on Christmas Day, but many players reported bugs in trying to obtain these drops. The issue was resolved the following day on Dec. 26.

But the problems didn't end there. Some players even claim to have bought the D.Va skin using real money before Blizzard revealed that it would be available for free as a Twitch drop.

Many have also complained about the length of time required to actually earn the rewards. It would seem that no matter what, Overwatch 2 keeps finding ways to disappoint the community.

Overwatch 2 is available on all major gaming platforms.

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