Phone Store Manager Erases Customer's Phone Data, Can't Be Bothered to Explain Why

A T-Mobile store manager seemingly erases all of the data on a customer's phone. Shockingly, the manager can't be bothered to explain why it happened.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Sep. 21 2023, Published 10:28 p.m. ET

Despite all of the technological advancements that our phones have made over the past 20 years or so, the one thing that remains consistent is how annoying it can be to visit your local mobile provider. Whether you're purchasing a new phone or trying to fix your current one, the hassle that comes with having to spend a chunk of your day speaking with phone experts is something that people of every generation know well.

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The only thing that could be more annoying is if your phone comes back to you worse than it was when you handed it in. Unfortunately, this mom had to contend with just that scenario after a T-Mobile phone store manager erased all of her phone's data. Let's break down what happened.

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A phone store manager erases a customer's phone data with zero chance of recovery.

Though the TikTok started making the rounds again in early September 2023, the event itself actually took place earlier in January. It was originally posted by @maisolmandonad46, but was later shared by Briana Germain (@bgermain007), the daughter of the woman who lost her phone data.

As for the video itself, it captures the entire bizarre exchange between the woman, identified as Loni Delmonico, and the T-Mobile store manager at the time.

At the time of recording, Loni was already complaining that the data on her phone was completely erased.

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Loni claims that she came into the store for help connecting her new smartwatch to her phone. She then had to hand in her device to the manager. When she got it back, it had apparently gone through a factory reset with all of its data wiped.

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For the manager's part, he couldn't even explain what had happened that led to her phone's data being erased. In fact, he seemed to have a lot of trouble forming complete sentences in order to address Loni's complaints.

It took her several minutes of talking in circles with the manager before they told her they could leave her contact information for a higher-up to get back to her.

But as if to add insult to injury, the manager told Loni that she was the one who "messed up" her own phone.

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Shockingly enough, the story gets wilder from there. Folks on Reddit were able to glean some more information surrounding the incident. Reportedly, the manager didn't just erase her phone data. He also "nuked" her iCloud so that any backups she might have had were also gone. Some reports even claim that the manager was drunk at the time and had the cops called on him during the same day.

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To make matters worse, Loni lost some truly precious things when her data was erased. Chief among them were voicemails of her dearly departed mother, which are nothing short of irreplaceable.

In a Facebook comment posted at the time, Loni even claimed that T-Mobile asked for a statement from her once the company caught wind of the incident.

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Although some folks were quick to accuse Loni of being a Karen, many actually sided with her as they empathized with the fact that her data was erased due to sheer negligence.

On Reddit, one person wrote, "That lady is being incredibly calm and reasonable. I could not have been."

Another Redditor echoed the sentiment, replying, "The fact that she is so calm and not going full Karen makes the story that much more believable. She just wants a resolution."

Hopefully, your next visit to a mobile service provider won't be nearly as disastrous as this one.

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