'Mario Party Superstars' Brings It Back to Basics With These Characters and Mini-Games

Sara Belcher - Author

Oct. 29 2021, Published 11:23 a.m. ET

'Mario Party Superstars'
Source: Nintendo

The new Mario Party Superstars brings back many old favorites in the Mario Party franchise to the Nintendo Switch. The game features more than 100 mini-games to play through, with many of them dating as far back as the original Mario Party game.

Like in all Mario Party installments, you'll have a cast of playable characters to run through the board with, but which ones will be making an appearance in this new installment? Here are the characters you'll see in Nintendo's new Mario Party Superstars.

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What characters will be in 'Mario Party Superstars'?

Currently, the list of playable characters for Mario Party Superstars is as follows:

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Peach
  • Yoshi
  • Wario
  • Donkey Kong
  • Waluigi
  • Birdo
  • Rosalina

This list is much shorter than in previous games, and previous fan-favorites like Daisy and Dry Bones are surprisingly absent from this installment. It's uncertain why this list is shorter than Super Mario Party.

The playable characters in 'Mario Party Superstars'
Source: Nintendo
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In addition to a shorter character list, the developers decided to take the game back to basics, removing certain features like special character dice, making it a more even play experience for players new and old.

This is also likely why there is a shorter playable characters list, to harken the game back to its roots.

Other characters who will appear (but won't be playable) are Toad, Toadette, Koopa Troopa, Bowser, Bowser Jr, Kamek, Shy Guy, Paratroopa, Goomba, Lakitu, Thwomp, and Monty Mole.

What is the mini-games list for 'Mario Party Superstars'?

The mini-games featured in Mario Party Superstars are pulled from many of the previous Mario Party games, bringing a touch of nostalgia to the title. In total, there are 18 different Mario Party games, but Mario Party Superstars only pulls mini-games from games 1 through 10, ignoring the special editions.

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'Mario Party Superstars'
Source: Nintendo

While Super Mario Party featured motion control for many of its mini-games, Mario Party Superstars foregoes that feature, instead bringing the games to their basics with two-button mini-games and simpler controls. This is great for those of us who have family members who aren't as Switch-savvy as we'd like them to be, opening the playing field for quite literally all ages.

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From Mario Party:

  • Mushroom Mix-Up
  • Cast Aways
  • Hammer Drop
  • Face Lift
  • Piranha’s Pursuit
  • Bobsled Run
  • Tug o’ War
  • Handcar Havoc
  • Tipsy Tourney
  • Shy Guy Says
  • Crazy Cutters
  • Bombs Away

From Mario Party 2:

  • Look Away
  • Quicksand Cache
  • Sneak ‘n’ Snore
  • Roll Call
  • Bowser’s Big Blast
  • Cake Factory
  • Speed Hockey
  • Slot-Car Derby
  • Mecha Marathon
  • Balloon Burst
  • Shell Shocked
  • Hot Rope Jump
  • Bumper Balls
  • Honeycomb Havoc
  • Bumper Balloon Cars
  • Sky Pilots
  • Dizzy Dancing
  • Archer-ival
  • Dungeon Dash
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From Mario Party 3:

  • Rockin’ Raceway
  • River Raiders
  • Storm Chasers
  • Puddle Paddle
  • Tidal Toss
  • Parasol Plummet
  • Etch ‘n’ Catch
  • Messy Memory
  • Ticktock Hop
  • Boulder Ball
  • Picking Panic
  • Vine with Me
  • Spotlight Swim
  • Ice Rink Risk
  • Hide and Sneak
  • Mario’s Puzzle Party
  • Chip Shot Challenge
  • Cheep Cheep Chase
  • Coconut Conk
  • Bounce ‘n’ Trounce
  • Motor Rooter
  • Mush Pit
  • Eatsa Pizza
  • Snowball Summit

From Mario Party 4:

  • Money Belts
  • Paths of Peril
  • Trace Race
  • Beach Volley Folly
  • Booksquirm
  • Dungeon Duos
  • Revers-a-Bomb

From Mario Party 5:

  • Coney Island
  • Night Light Fright
  • Bill Blasters
  • Ice Hockey
  • Squared Away
  • Later Skater
  • Dinger Derby
  • Pushy Penguins
  • Leaf Leap
  • Tube It or Lose It

From Mario Party 6:

  • Burnstile
  • Rocky Road
  • Mass Meteor
  • Dark ‘n Crispy
  • Trap Ease Artist
  • Cashapult
  • Money Belt
  • Block Star
  • Pit Boss
  • What Goes Up…
  • Catch You Letter
  • Snow Whirled

From Mario Party 7:

  • The Final Countdown
  • Stick and Spin
  • Spin Doctor
  • Pogo-a-Go-Go
  • Monty’s Revenge
  • Pokey Pummel

From Mario Party 8:

  • Winner or Dinner
  • Paint Misbehavin’

From Mario Party 9:

  • Goomba Spotting
  • Tackle Takedown
  • Manor of Escape
  • Shell Soccer

From Mario Party 10:

  • Skewer Scurry
  • Flash Forward
  • Rapid River Race

Mario Party Superstars is now available for the Nintendo Switch.

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