'Pokémon GO' Riolu Hatch Day Arrives July 22 — How to Prepare for the Event

Jon Bitner - Author

Jul. 20 2023, Published 2:51 p.m. ET

Riolu from Pokémon GO standing around several eggs.
Source: Niantic

There’s never a shortage of content to explore or community events to engage with in Pokémon GO, as Niantic seems to launch new content on a weekly basis. This weekend is no different, as the Riolu Hatch Day is scheduled to run on July 22 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time.

During the event, you’ll have an increased chance of hatching Shiny Riolu. There are plenty of other reasons to get excited for this Saturday, so here’s a look at everything you need to know about Pokémon GO Riolu Hatch Day.

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Everything we know about 'Pokémon GO' Riolu Hatch Day.

The Pokémon GO Riolu Hatch Day event will give you an increased chance to hatch Riolu from 2km Eggs, along with an increased chance of finding a Shiny Riolu. You’ll also benefit from double Stardust from hatching eggs, along with an increased frequency of 2km Egg drops from PokéStops.

Riolu from Pokémon GO running on a trail in the mountains.
Source: Niantic
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This means you’ll want to get out to a populated area and spin as many PokéStops as you can, as not only will you get more eggs, but you’ll get a ton of Stardust for hatching them. And if you’re trying to add Riolu to your collection (or stumble upon a Shiny), this event isn’t to be missed.

Along with those perks, Niantic is also offering free event-exclusive Timed Research that will reward you with a Super Incubator and Field Research that allows you to earn Stardust, Berries, Great Balls, and experience points.

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How to prepare for Riolu Hatch Day in 'Pokémon GO.'

You’ll need to prep ahead of time, as the Riolu Hatch Day event in Pokémon GO will only run for three hours. After 5:00 p.m. local time, all the perks disappear. It’s unfortunate that the event isn’t very friendly to casual players, but there are a few things you can do right now to maximize your time on Saturday.

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First, make sure you have Incubators ready to go. This event is all about hatching Eggs to earn double Stardust (and stumble about Riolu), so having a free Incubator is key. Also, keep in mind that Riolu has an increased chance of appearing from 2km Eggs — so if you find another type of Egg, consider holding onto it for later.

You’ll also want to scout ahead and find a location with lots of PokéStops. If you live in a city or dense suburb, this shouldn’t be a challenge, as most shopping centers or downtown areas are loaded with PokéStops. But if you live out in the country or far away from a shopping mall, you might want to figure out where you’re going (and how you’re getting there).

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Beyond spinning PokéStops, make sure you take a few minutes to check out the Timed Research and Field Research available during Riolu Hatch Day. These might be worth tackling after you’ve acquired a few 2km Eggs, as they offer solid rewards for Trainers of all levels.

If you really want to prepare for Riolu Hatch Day, you can dive into the Pokémon GO Web Store to stock up on Incubators or purchase the Ultra Hatch Box or Great Hatch Box. But even if you don’t want to drop real cash, the above steps should be enough to get you ready for this weekend.

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