Purported Psychic TikToker Accuses Professor of Murder, Professor Sues

One psychic and content creator on TikTok feels that she knows who orchestrated the Idaho murders and has accused a professor. The professor in question has now sued the TikToker.

Allison Hunt - Author

Dec. 29 2022, Published 9:13 p.m. ET

While, like most millennial females, we enjoy a true crime documentary or podcast, we hate that these awful crimes and murders take place in our world. Most recently, the Idaho slayings have weighed really heavy on our hearts.

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In case you've been living on a remote Island without cell service or WiFi, the Idaho murders refers to the four University of Idaho students (Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle, and Ethan Chapin) that were stabbed in their sleep.

Like any other trending news, people on TikTok are talking about it. But one content creator that goes by @ashleyisinthebookoflife might have gone too far after she accused a professor at the university of orchestrating the murders.

A professor sued a TikToker after they accused her of setting up the Idaho murders.

Ashely Solves Mysteries on TikTok is a purported psychic who uses her abilities to allegedly solve different murders and crimes. She has made TikToks about high-profile cases such as Shanquella Robinson and Josh Guimond, along with posting tons of videos on the Idaho murders.

She started to cover the case by making videos that described the type of person or people who did this crime. The more videos Ashley made, the more descriptive and specific she got, saying with confidence that there were two killers, and explaining that "one of the killers was broken up with [by one of the victims], and then that killer propositioned the one to carry out the murder."

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Ashley then made a video to further explain that it was a person in power, most likely a woman and most likely a professor, that orchestrated these murders with a student.

That same day, Ashley posted another video saying that Rebecca Scofield was "the teacher who potentially had the four Idaho students killed," explaining that she either dated Kaylee Goncalves, or wanted to. Before this, her content was living in a realm of "could be anyone." But this video named names, even though there have been no suspects announced or arrests made by law enforcement.

This is definitely a lawsuit waiting to happen.

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And that was not the only video that Ashley talks about Rebecca Scofield. CBS News reports that she has made more that 40 videos on the subject and has yet to stop even though has been sent two cease and desist letters from Professor Scofield's legal team.

After that didn't happen, Rebecca Scofield sued Ashley for defamation. That lawsuit states:

"Defendant Ashley Guillard — a purported internet sleuth... posted many videos on TikTok falsely stating that Plaintiff Rebecca Scofield (a professor at the University) participated in the murders because she was romantically involved with one of the victims... Guillard's statements are false... Professor Scofield did not participate in the murders, and she had never met any of the victims, let alone entered a romantic relationship with them. Guillard's videos have been viewed millions of times, amplifying Guillard's online persona at the expense of Professor Scofield's reputation."

Naturally, Ashley took to TikTok to respond. In the above video, Ashley says that she is "gleaming with excitement" so that she can tell the court what really happened.

One thing Ashley is failing to remember here is that our legal system was built on innocence until guilt is proven. If Ashley does truly have these psychic gifts, that's amazing! But it's certainly suspicious that she's shouting her information to the entire internet instead of working directly with law enforcement to bring justice and peace to these families.

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