Get to Know 'The Blended Bunch' Star Quinn Kendall

Quinn Kendall is already making waves on TLC's 'The Blended Bunch.' He's protective over his sister, Erica Shemwell, and her life with her new husband.

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May 4 2021, Updated 5:43 p.m. ET

Quinn Kendall
Source: TLC

Though The Blended Bunch only debuted on TLC on March 16, fans have already taken to married pair Erica and Spencer Shemwell and their 11 kids.

After their first spouses died, the remodeling professional and Erica were introduced on a widow/widower social media group. They met in person, began dating, and got married within a year. Some have viewed this timeline as a fairytale love story while others, including Erica's own brother Quinn Kendall, are concerned by how quickly things have moved.

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In addition to dealing with kids who don't get along and facing the growing pains that come along with combining families, Erica and Spencer haven't exactly gotten a blessing from her beloved sibling.

The overly cautious brother has polarized viewers, and he's set to cause a bit more drama on the show as it continues. 

Source: TLC
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Quinn Kendall is Erica's "protective" older brother on 'The Blended Bunch.'

When Erica became a widow, she was alone with her seven kids in Utah. Her parents ultimately decided to move to the area to help out, and her two siblings soon followed. 

As the show filmed, the entire Kendall family resided near Erica, Spencer, and their brood of 11 kids. Though they could be a big help when it came to the kids, not all of them were happy with the current Shemwell arrangement. 

Erica's siblings, younger sister Alexis and older brother Quinn Kendall, appeared on the series premiere of The Blended Bunch. 

While Alexis is quite far apart in age from her siblings, Quinn shared that he's often taken on a "protective" role when it comes to Erica. 

"Knowing that Erica was here, that she had seven kids at the time, didn't have a husband, I wanted to come here because I was concerned that they wouldn't be OK," Quinn explained about his motivation to move to Utah. 

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When his sister embarked on a relationship with Spencer, Quinn was initially happy. But, he was disappointed when he found out that Spencer also had kids of his own. 

"So, when Spencer came into Erica's life, I was pretty thrilled and excited just simply because she needed that help. She needed that love," Quinn explained on the show. "Then we found out that he was also bringing four more kids into the picture. Let's be honest, Erica ain't got no time for four more kids in her life."

Source: TLC
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He then felt like his sister rushed into a marriage, and that Spencer was looking for someone to take care of his kids. 

"When Erica and Spencer started dating each other, and got engaged and basically married in no time at all, I was shocked. I was upset. I was not really excited. You [Erica] have seven kids, you [Spencer] have four kids, why on Earth would you think that could even work?" Quinn shared on the debut episode of the show.

He later admitted that his sister oftentimes brushes her issues aside for the sake of her husband and kids. Quinn thinks that this could be a recipe for disaster.

"What I'm concerned about is that Spencer, he has a new business," Quinn shared, referring to his Hive Remodeling venture. "She has 11 kids. I mean, she's doing everything, while he's doing his own thing." 

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Outside of his potentially divisive role on the show, not much is known about his life. His Instagram account is set to private. Quinn does wear a wedding ring on The Blended Bunch, but viewers have yet to meet his spouse. 

According to his LinkedIn, Quinn works as a Commercial and SMB Account Executive at UserIQ. He started at the company in November of 2020.

Source: TLC
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He obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Utah, and he later attended Ave Maria School of Law in Naples, Fla. 

Though he was living in Utah when the show filmed, his current listed job location is in New York.

Quinn is worried that Spencer married Erica so she could be a "babysitter" to his four kids.

It remains to be seen if Quinn's recent job relocation will be featured on the show, or if he's had any falling out with his sister since it filmed. 

Many viewers were shocked when Quinn openly wondered whether his brother-in-law got married for the right reasons.

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"Wow, did this guy move from Virginia to Utah to find a babysitter, to find somebody that could take care of his needs? Was it really kind of a selfish proposition for him to make things happen?" Quinn pointedly wondered on the show, before expressing that he was "concerned" for his sister. 

Though he thinks Erica is a great person, he's worried that she rushed into another marriage. 

Source: Instagram
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"I'm skeptical," he continued. "I'm a distrusting person, at times. Spencer, he's got to earn my trust. Until then, it'll take a bit."

Love him or hate him, it's clear that Quinn isn't afraid to voice his opinion in front of the cameras — especially when it comes to his sister's happiness.

Who is Quinn's wife?

Quinn has a lot of opinions on his sister's marriage, and he's a married man himself. He shares a son named Easton with his wife, Jen Hunt Kendall, whom he married in June of 2015. 

According to Jen’s social media accounts, she also lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, and works as a Whole 30 Approved Program manager.

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jen and quinn
Source: Facebook

Jen is pretty private on social media, but she does update her Facebook account with adorable photos of her husband and son every so often.

The Blended Bunch airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on TLC. 

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