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A modern-day Brady Bunch, the reality show The Blended Bunch follows Spencer and Erica Shemwell (a widow and widower) who live in a small town in Utah with their 11 kids.

Erica had seven kids with her husband Tony, who died after a years-long battle with brain cancer. Spencer's first wife Aimee died in a car accident, leaving behind Spencer and their four kids. The couple met through an online widower support group and tied the knot 13 months later.

The show has been compared to other reality series centered on large families such as Outdaughtered and Welcome to Plathville.

Network: TLC

First Episode Date: March 16, 2021


Where to Watch: TLC, Philo

Most Recent

  • Quinn Kendall

    Get to Know 'The Blended Bunch' Star Quinn Kendall

    Quinn Kendall is already making waves on TLC's 'The Blended Bunch.' He's protective over his sister, Erica Shemwell, and her life with her new husband.
    By Shannon Raphael
  • quinn kendall

    Meet 'The Blended Bunch' Star Quinn Kendall's Wife Jen and His Adorable Son Easton

    Is Quinn Kendall from 'The Blended Bunch' married? Here's what we know about Erica Shemwell's brother, his wife Jen, and their adorable son Easton.
    By Pretty Honore
  • 'The Blended Bunch'

    What Religion Are Erica and Spencer Shemwell from 'The Blended Bunch?'

    The Shemwells are featured on the TLC docuseries, 'The Blended Bunch.' Since it debuted, fans have been wondering if they are part of the Mormon faith.
    By Shannon Raphael
  • Erica Shemwell

    'The Blended Bunch' Star Erica Shemwell Is Thinking About Having Another Baby

    Is Erica Shemwell pregnant? 'The Blended Bunch' star opened up about her future plans with husband Spencer in a recent episode of 'The Blended Bunch.'
    By Leila Kozma
  • Erica Shemwell from 'The Blended Bunch'

    'The Blended Bunch' Family Understands Cancer Risks Better Than Most

    The family in TLC's 'The Blended Bunch' is no stranger to loss due to cancer and since four of the kids have Li-Fraumeni syndrome, they are aware of its risks.
    By Chrissy Bobic
  • Erica Shemwell first husband Tony
    Reality TV

    4 of Erica Shemwell's Kids on 'Blended Bunch' Have the Disorder That Killed Her First Husband

    Erica Shemwell's story on 'The Blended Bunch' is a sad one. When she and her first husband were young, they found out he had brain cancer. Here's how he died.
    By Gina Vaynshteyn
  •  Aimee Shemwell
    Reality TV

    Spencer Shemwell Shares the Tragic Story of His First Wife on 'The Blended Bunch'

    TLC's 'The Blended Bunch' chronicles the daily lives of the Shemwell family. Fans want to know what happened to Aimee, Spencer's first wife.
    By Mustafa Gatollari
  • Spencer Shemwell on 'The Blended Bunch'

    Spencer Shemwell Has a Family of 13 — What Does He Do for a Living?

    Spencer Shemwell has an impressive job on 'The Blended Bunch,' and he has to be pretty successful if he's going to care for 11 kids and his wife.
    By Chrissy Bobic
  • 'The Blended Bunch'

    'The Blended Bunch' Tells the Curious Tale of Two Widowed Parents and Their 11 Kids

    'The Blended Bunch' stars 11 kids. Erica Shemwell is the proud mom of seven youngsters, while her new husband, Spencer, had four kids with his late wife.
    By Leila Kozma
  • Erica and Spencer Shemwell

    Erica and Spencer Shemwell Met Because of Their Late Spouses

    How did Spencer and Erica Shemwell meet? The couple, and their 11 combined children, are featured on the TLC series, 'The Blended Bunch.'
    By Shannon Raphael
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