Woman Kept Rachael Ray Pots and Pans in UPS Mix-Up, Internet Gets the Last Laugh

In 2020, influencer Susi Vidal reported someone stole her Rachael Ray pots and pans. A TikTok user helped identify the alleged thief. Keep reading!

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Nov. 1 2023, Published 9:36 a.m. ET

You may or may not know who Susi Vidal is by name, but trust me, you’ve undoubtedly seen her face on TikTok.

The content creator, who goes by @susi.vidal on social media, seemingly unintentionally sparked a viral trend on TikTok with one of her videos. In September 2023, Susi posted a tutorial about making her original pesto recipe after telling her viewers, “Call me crazy if you want, but I’ve never liked store-bought pesto.”

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For whatever reason, Susi’s admission that she doesn’t like store-bought pesto has inspired over 30 million videos of users telling their most insane “Call me crazy if you want” stories with bizarre anecdotes about their past using TikTok’s stitch feature.

In October 2023, one TikToker proved that the #susipesto trend might be getting out of hand when she connected two stories that included Rachael Ray pots and pans. Keep reading for the full story!

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A woman on TikTok stole Rachael Ray pots pans and swapped them with her old ones.

In October 2023, a TikTok user who runs the account @nosybystanders posted a stitch of Susi on her platform. However, instead of showing her “#susipesto” story, the woman used the video to expose a woman who proudly took another woman's honeymoon gift.

The video from the Nosy Bystanders account began with another woman begging her followers, “Don’t judge me!” She then continued sharing a story most people would indeed judge her for. During the video, the woman said UPS accidentally delivered the wrong package to her house. Instead of sending the air fryer she ordered, they sent her a Rachael Ray pot set.

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Now, anyone who has seen one of the former daytime TV queen’s cookware sets knows they can cost you a pretty penny. The woman in TikTok was hip to the high prices because she said “the devil” tricked her into thinking she was having the pans for herself.

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“The devil told me, you need them pots, them some nice pots, you really need their pots,” she says in the video. “So the devil told me to keep the pots, and I kept the pot.”

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Another content creator, Jordan, discussed the swap during her own "Call me crazy" TikTok.

After making her “tough” decision to keep a stranger’s items, the woman received another visit from UPS. Following several attempts at being as discreet as possible at home, UPS eventually called the woman, who went to great lengths to keep her pots.

First, she lied and said her grandmother (none of her grandparents are alive) might have the cookware, and she would check with her and return them to UPS. Instead of giving back the new pots and pans, the woman admittedly got some of her “old a-- pots,” wrapped them up, and sent them to UPS!

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Honestly, if I had only seen the woman’s admission that she swapped her old pans with Rachael Ray ones, I would have thought this was just another case of influencers doing the most in front of their phones. However, Nosy Bystanders had receipts that a TikToker named Jordan, who goes by @jordantailored on TikTok, was the one who was the unfortunate victim of the woman’s betrayal.

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In Jordan's TikTok, she discusses one of the gifts from her and her husband’s COVID-19 wedding. While attempting to cook for her man, the newlywed said she opened one of the cookware sets gifted to her. Jordan said when she opened her box, she noticed each pan looked as if it was “like, used” and was about “20 years old.”

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“There's food on them. None of them is the same brand. There are someone's just, like, 20 year old, like, old used pots and pans.” Jordan was shocked.

Fans had too much fun dissecting how ironic the pots and pans swap was.

If @nobystander’s video of these two women’s connection isn’t the definition of “it’s not funny, but it made me laugh,” I don’t know what is. No, seriously. Every time I think of poor Jordan opening a box of used pots and pans masqueraded as Rachael Ray’s finest, I can’t help but chuckle.

Thankfully, I’m not alone, as many people watching the TikTok were floored after seeing that Jordan’s culprit had proudly stolen her items. Underneath the video, TikTok users discussed how ridiculous the power of social media can be.

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“This is the best full-circle thing I’ve seen in a looong time,” one user wrote.

“TikTok is CRAZY. I love it here,” a second user shared.

“Thee internet is undefeated!!!! 😂😂😂,” another commenter said.

Other commenters debated whether the woman who allegedly stole from Jordan was wrong for doing so. I’m here to say she was dead wrong, no matter how much I laughed!

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