'Who Killed Robert Wone?' Has Provoked Tons of Theories About the 2006 Murder


Mar. 8 2023, Published 10:53 a.m. ET

Thanks to yet another new true crime series, interest has been renewed in the 2006 death of Robert Wone. At the time, Wone was found stabbed to death in the guest room of his friend Joe Price's home in Washington, D.C. Wone had been stabbed three times, but as the new two-part true crime series Who Killed Robert Wone? makes clear, the question of who actually killed him has been difficult to answer.

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Here are all the details around Robert Wone's death.

Peacock's new series takes the question of who killed Wone head on, and there are plenty of theories circulated in the series that need to be sorted out. Before laying out the theories, though, we need to establish the facts of the case. Wone was killed between approximately 10:30 and 11:49 p.m., which was when the 9-1-1 call was made about his death.

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He was staying with Price, who shared the home with his romantic partners Victor Zaborsky and Dylan Ward, because he didn't want to wake up his wife after a late night at work. The first EMT arrived on the scene shortly thereafter and immediately knew something was off because there was no blood on Wone's body in spite of the stab wounds. He also said that Price, Zaborsky, and Ward, who were reportedly in a polyamorous relationship, all seemed to be acting strangely.

What are the theories are Wone's murder?

An intruder: The first theory to explain Wone's death is what Price, Zaborsky, and Ward claim, which is that an intruder broke into the house. They said that they heard a person heading down the stairs when they went to investigate a series of grunts coming from the guest room. They claimed the intruder must have come in through the back door of the townhouse, which had been left unlocked and could be accessed by climbing a fence.

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Someone in the house killed him: If it wasn't an intruder, the only other obvious explanation is that Price, Zaborsky, or Ward killed him. They all deny involvement, but police found puncture marks on his body and believe that he was drugged or otherwise restrained. They also found evidence that Wone had been sexually assaulted. The precision of Wone's wounds suggest that he didn't move when he was stabbed, but no traces of drugs were found in his system.

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The murder weapon was never found, although authorities claim that a knife missing from their kitchen set would have been the right size for the killings. Price, Zaborsky, and Ward were put on trial for obstruction of justice after authorities dismissed their claims of an intruder, and during that trial, Ward's mother testified that she had gifted her son the knife set and kept the smaller knife for herself.

There was a cover-up: This theory is connected to the first two, and suggests that Price, Zaborsky and Ward covered up the crime either because they committed it or on behalf of someone else. When authorities arrived, the men were wearing bathrobes, and all of them appeared to have recently showered. That, coupled with the lack of blood at the scene, seems to suggest that the crime scene was cleaned up before authorities were called.

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