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Source: Instagram

Sam Pepper Is Turning to TikTok for a Fresh Start After YouTube Controversies


YouTube stars are so 2010s. With the advent of TikTok, a new generation of internet celebrities is emerging, causing some influencers to turn their attentions away from other platforms in the hopes of making it big on the video-sharing app.

One vlogger who’s decided to focus solely on his TikTok game is Sam Pepper. A string of controversies essentially forced the 30-year-old to abandon his YouTube channel in 2017, which had accumulated over 2.23 million subscribers. Here’s what you need to know about the comeback kid. 

TikTok star Sam Pepper was a contestant on the British version of 'Big Brother.'

The prankster appeared on Season 11 of the U.K. series in 2010 and got evicted right before the finale. He entered the house on Day 52 and exited on Day 73.