'RHODubai' Star Sara Al Madani Confirms She's No Longer Dating Her Hunky Beau (EXCLUSIVE)

During the fifth episode of Season 2, Sara introduces her new paramour, Akin Fontana, to the ladies.

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Jul. 16 2024, Updated 6:15 p.m. ET

Sara Al Madani poses for her Season 2 'RHODubai' promo photo
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Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Dubai has delivered in various ways. Caroline Stanbury's marriage to Sergio Carrallo has become comedic, while Caroline Brooks is too stressed with her business to date. Happily married housewives Chanel Ayan, Lesa Milan, and Taleen Marie balance family life and navigate the challenges that come along with it.

One of the unmarried women in the group is Sara Al Madani.

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Sara is a twice-divorced single mother who is focused on healing from her past relationships. Her healing journey has been a major plot point for her, at least when she's not stirring the pot with her fellow Housewives. As a proud mother to her son Maktoum, Sara wants her son to have a father figure.

Sara thought she had met her match in a Season 2 episode. But in an exclusive interview with Distractify, she shared that the her new romance was already on ice. So, who is Sara dating?

Akin Fontana smiling during episode of 'RHODubai'
Source: Bravo
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Who is 'RHODubai' star Sara Al Madani dating?

During the fifth episode of Season 2, Sara introduces her new paramour, Akin Fontana, to the ladies. She refers to him only as a friend, but it's clear that they both have romantic designs for each other. Akin is a model and personal trainer who travels internationally for work. He bounces between Germany, the U.S., and Dubai, which means they've primarily been long-distance. Sara seems to like him, but it's her son, Makotum's opinion that matters most.

Sara has said ad nauseam that Maktoum's opinion matters more than her own when it comes to her love life. As he is still young, it's imperative for him to have strong male role models in his life, at least from Sara's perspective. Her second husband was supposed to fit the bill, but she shared later that he seemed to have no interest in being a father to Maktoum. Now that Maktoum has spent some time one-on-one with Akin, it seems as if he won him over thanks to a slushie hunt they embarked on.

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Sara Al Madani and Akin Fontana seated next to each other and smiling off camera on 'RHODubai'
Source: Bravo

Unfortunately, a slushie outing couldn't keep Sara and Akin together. The spiritual healer exclusively told Distractify that she and Akin are "not together" and confirmed she's currently single.

"It's sad when the exterior doesn't match the interior," Sara said. "Me and him are not together and will never be together.

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While Sara couldn't tell us what happened between them, she hinted at Akin being to blame for the split. She said his "loyalty" came into question in the relationship and claimed Akin had been unfaithful in the relationship.

"I'm big on loyalty, and I don't entertain cheating," she explained. "And I'm big on honesty. And if you're not loyal, you're for your, for the streets for me. So I ended it with him; we're not together."

Sara Al Madani poses for a photo during BravoCon 2022
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Sara Al Madani said Akin Fontana "badly" wanted to be on 'RHODubai': "you'll see everything unravel."

While not much is known about her marriages, Sara has opened up about the trauma both relationships caused her. She has shared that there was some physical abuse and cheating that occurred in the past that have deeply affected her. Her healing journey to conquer those issues seems to be going well.

Still, she couldn't have prepared for Akin to use her for reality TV fame as she's claiming he did during the relationship.

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Sara said that Akin is likely pleased to see that his incredibly good looks caught fans' attention on social media. She believes it was the internet thirst was his plan all along, as she thinks he "badly" wanted to be on the show. The Bravo star also teased that fans will see Akin's true intentions for their relationship as the season plays out.

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"People don't know when they sign up to be in the public eye; you cannot wear a mask for so long before it slips," Sara said. "You can't pretend and keep acting. So, it's a dangerous space to be in if you're not authentic or real or had ulterior motives."

"You'll watch everything unravel and why it didn't work and why it shouldn't work," she added.

The Real Housewives of Dubai airs new episodes on Tuesdays on Bravo at 9 p.m. EST.

Reporting by Elizabeth Randolph.

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