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Source: Netflix

'Saving Zoe' Is One of the Darkest Teen Movies We've Ever Seen (SPOILERS)


The 2019 crime drama Saving Zoe — starring real-life sisters Vanessa and Laura Marano — is now on Netflix, and shines a light on the horrific world of sex trafficking.

The film is based on the 2007 book of the same name and deals with some pretty dark themes, but is a fairly faithful adaptation of the source material. Scroll down for spoilers, including which character is responsible for Zoe’s murder.

How does 'Saving Zoe' on Netflix end?

Unlike most murder mysteries, Saving Zoe doesn’t end with the killer getting caught (we actually find out who he is earlier in the movie after it’s revealed that he’s already in jail for the crime). Instead, the ending explains how the killer chose Zoe as his victim and exposes some of the secrets she’d been hiding from her sister, Echo.