Server Shows How They "Trick" Customers Who Order Ginger Ale and People Aren't Happy

A server shows off a ginger ale trick that they do at their restaurant, and folks aren't happy about it. Here's what people are saying.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Aug. 15 2023, Published 2:23 p.m. ET

You've probably never exactly wondered what was in your soft drink whenever you order one at a restaurant. Sure, we all know that by and large, they're laughably unhealthy and not good for your body. But when you order a certain type of soda, you basically know what you're getting. If you order a Coke, you can expect Coke (or at least a Pepsi). If you order Sprite, then Sprite is what you'll get. There usually aren't any substitutes when you order some highly-specific soft drinks. Unless, of course, you're getting ginger ale.

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Whether you have a stomachache or just prefer the taste, ginger ale is a shockingly diverse option among soft drinks. There are all kinds of different brands for it, but people don't typically ask specifically for a can of Canada Dry or Seagram. They just want ginger ale, regardless of the brand.

But have you ever ordered a ginger ale at a restaurant and it tastes just a little off? If you have, you may have been subject to this little ginger ale trick that was shown off by a server on TikTok.

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A server shows off a ginger ale trick that has the internet fuming.

On TikTok Bking (@redbeardticktak) posts plenty of content about how odd, stressful, and mildly entertaining restaurant life can be. However, his video on ginger ale posted in mid-August 2023 is causing quite a bit of a stir.

Set all too humorously to "This Is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan, OP's video exposes what they do at their restaurant when someone orders a ginger ale and they're "86" or "out of something." The results are pretty shocking.

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In his video, OP fills a customer's glass with ice. Instead of filling it with ginger ale at the fountain, however, they fill most of the glass with Sprite. From there, they top the glass off with just a splash of Coke. The two drinks mix into a color that highly resembles ginger ale, and OP finishes it off by taking two straws with their open hand and sticking them in the glass.

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Surprisingly enough, folks in the comments section were outraged at this revelation. Many TikTok users balked at the idea of drinking a highly caffeinated drink without their knowledge.

"I'd lose my mind," one person commented. "I drink ginger ale because it's caffeine-free."

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"I would be afraid to do this," another person admitted. "What if people are sensitive to caffeine?" That's a valid point because plenty of people are sensitive to caffeine.

However, other folks have even expressed surprise, intrigue, and even delight at this little drink hack.

One commenter claims to have been a part of a test to see if they could tell the difference between real ginger ale and the mixed-up fake stuff.

"Most of them actually liked the mix better than the real thing," they claimed.

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Another person called it their "favorite server trick." Someone else even claimed that the odd mix really does taste like ginger ale. Others even prefer the mix when replacing Coke with Pepsi.

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OP later posted a follow-up to their ginger ale video. In response to someone who was put off by the fact that they handled straws by covering the tips with their entire hand, OP redid their mixture and dunked their fingers directly into the drink as a joke.

Is this mixed drink a tasty fake and a genuine life hack or a sneaky, problematic restaurant practice? It certainly might be worth a taste test. Let us know what you think!

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