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25 People Share the Sexiest Moments That Exist on Disney Plus



Listen, most Disney content may be billed as "for kids," but lots of it is extremely steamy and NSFW, especially in GIF form. Now that Disney Plus is out and our favorite, hottest Disney moments are infinitely rewatchable, it was time to stockpile them. Luckily, Twitter user @pricepeterson started a giant thread of the sexiest, horniest moments available on Disney Plus and got hundreds upon hundreds of responses. 

Lathered up George of the Jungle

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This moment from George of the Jungle is a strong contender. We forget how much of a sex symbol Brendan Fraser was, but hoo boy. Look at him! So oiled and naked. 

Bucky Barnes

The MCU could stand for Man Crush Universe instead of Marvel Cinematic Universe. I mean, it's chock full of sexy, adorable men (and Chris Pratt). Sebastian Stan doesn't get enough screen time as Bucky Barnes. We simply have to stan Stan.

Tom Hanks' booty

It's sometimes difficult to think of Tom Hanks as a sex symbol, but back in the days of Turner and Hooch, that's exactly what he was. I would recommend watching this scene on repeat and not the rest of the movie, as there is a tragic dog story that will definitely ruin the mood.

Nala's sexy glare

I don't know what it is about The Lion King, but those are some sexy, sexy lions. Sorry not sorry. Nala can get it. And "Can You Feel the Love Tonight," where she totally gives Simba these sex eyes, is one of the horniest Disney songs of all time.

Poe and Finn

Oscar Isaac is on record saying he wanted Poe and Finn to be in a romantic relationship!!!! But Disney is too backward to let that happen. For now, we'll have to settle for this adorable lip bite moment.

The dad from 'Inside Out'

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Inside Out is all about emotions, and I am not going to lie; I'm feeling many of them looking at this hot, stubbly cartoon dad with his man mustache and his thick head of hair. Disney really has to stop making their cartoons this swoon-worthy.

Seductive Jasmine

This scene in Aladdin always made me uncomfortable growing up because Jasmine is very transparently trying to seduce Jafar. Sure, it may be to manipulate him, but it's still blatant sexy flirting, and at 3 years old, I didn't like it. 

Thor's abs

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There really should be little debate about who the sexiest member of the MCU is. Obviously, it's the Australian god with the longest, most toned torso known to man. Chris Hemsworth is a gift.

Li Shang

So Chris Hemsworth might be the undisputed king of Disney bods when it comes to live action, but Li Shang is his animated counterpart. It was honestly unfair that Disney made this Mulan hottie so hot. 

Valkyrie wielding a weapon

Tessa Thompson is way too sexy for her own good, and in this GIF it's turned up to 11. She is the best addition to the MCU since Baby Groot, and while we definitely don't deserve her, I'm glad she's here.

Gaston's hairy chest

The original "strapping boy" of the Disney-verse might be Gaston... for some. I'm not going to deny that his hairy chest is a specimen, but he's so evil! And his face is crazy. Then again, if you don't have a thing for Gaston, you probably have a thing for the Beast, so who's insane now?

Cap breaking wood

Uh, yeah. Yeah, this is pretty good. Not going to lie. This is quite good. It's fine. I'm fine. I'm doing fine. It might seem like I'm saying that a lot, but it's just because I am. Fine. I am fine.

Dancing mice ladies

Disney constantly confuses us by making animals attractive, like these dancing mice in Fivel Goes West. Has anyone explored the rise of the furry movement as it correlates to the presence of sexy animals in Disney movies? I feel like there could be a correlation there.


There are too many disturbing things about The Little Mermaid that preclude me from accepting her position on the list. The fact that she's supposed to be like, 16 years old is one of them. And the fact that her entire story is predicated on giving up her voice for love is another. Sorry. 

'Fantasia' fish

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Fantasia may be animated, but it is a very adult film, and this sexy fish is proof of that. Ironically, I haven't seen Fantasia as an adult. I feel like if I were to rewatch it, I would be shocked that my parents just let this happen. 

Kylo Ren

There's a gigantic internet debate afoot about the attractiveness of Adam Driver. I'll just say it. The people who don't think he's good-looking are wrong. And that settles that.

Shirtless Aladdin

I know a lot of '90s girls whose first crush was Aladdin. he is shirtless for a good portion of the movie, he has a monkey for a best friend, and look at that head of hair? What's not to like?


Source: Twitter

Motocrossed is a classic Disney Channel Original Movie, but I have to say, I was not into the bleach-blond spiked hair look of the early 2000s. I feel like the people who were into that look grew up to be the kind of person in the next entry...

'Tron: Legacy'

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It's not that Garrett Hedlund isn't attractive in this movie. He's a nice looking guy. But I bet the people who fell in love with the Motocrossed actors are the ones who love this look, too. 

'Pirates' thigh kisses

Raise your hand if you saw every Pirates of the Caribbean movie solely for Orlando Bloom's sea-swept swagger. Come on now. I know I'm not the only one. 


People who grew up in the '90s often talk about falling for adult Simba, but let's be honest with ourselves. The authoritative, deep-voiced Mufasa is really where it's at.

'Boy Meets World' dance

Realizing that you were more attracted to Mr. Matthews than you were to Eric or Jake is how you knew you were finally becoming a woman. The men of Boy Meets World were there for us at every step of our sexual awakenings.

'Zootopia' still

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Um, this still is hilarious. I have no idea what's going on in this moment of Zootopia, but I guarantee it's not what it looks like. I have no other ideas, though. It truly looks like...that...and nothing else.

Jessica Rabbit

How could we forget Jessica Rabbit, the ultimate Disney sex symbol? She's literally designed to be sexy. Again, Disney really screwed us with the attractive cartoon character thing. What were they thinking?

Olaf doin' his thang

Hey. There's something for everybody. And if you find a shimmying snowman sexy, good for you. You do you. You know what they say about snowmen with big carrot noses, don't you?

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