Ship Captain Claps Back at Sexist Who Questioned Her Ability to Do Her Job

Robin Zlotnick - Author

May 27 2023, Updated 6:12 p.m. ET

Kate McCue is a cruise ship captain, which I believe is objectively one of the coolest jobs you can have. She works for Celebrity Cruises and shares information about her job and videos of her experiences on Instagram and TikTok, where she has amassed quite a following. 

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Because she has a large audience and a very cool life, she gets lots of questions about what it's like to be a cruise ship captain and the details of her job. Usually, she's very happy to oblige and provide the information people want to know!

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But every once in a while, Kate gets a rude rando in her comments. Recently, someone (who may have been trolling, but still) asked how she can possibly be a ship captain when she's a woman. "How can you be a captain?" they wrote. "Your [sic] only a woman."

As a woman with a job traditionally held by men, this is far from the first time Kate has dealt with sexism. Still, she couldn't just ignore such an ignorant and awful comment. So she responded with the absolute best clap back of all time.

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"Normally as I'm scrolling though comments and I see something like this, I totally ignore it and move on with my life," Kate says in the TikTok video. "But I think it's about high time that I address this because it's 2020 and in this day and age, I'm shocked that someone still doesn't know the difference between 'you're' and 'your.'

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"So, just a quick reference. You're as in you are, like, 'You are sexist.' Your is something possessive. It belongs you to, like your ignorance. But don't worry; I'm here for you. If you need any more clarification..." At this point, she backs up and sits in her captain's chair and continues: "...You can find me here, in my captain's chair."

She managed to correct the commenter's grammar and address their sexism and ignorance all in one fell swoop. It is simply incredible, a top-notch come back, and people loved it. The video has been viewed over a million times on TikTok and over six million times on Twitter, where someone reposted it with the caption, "BRILLIANT. Did not expect that..."

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Not only is Kate adept at taking down internet bullies, but she also made history by being the first American woman to captain a giant cruise ship, according to The Telegraph. You simply should not mess with someone so badass.

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She also brings her cat, Bug, with her on all her cruises, which is just perfect. Kate had dreamed of being a cruise ship captain ever since her dad gave her the idea when she was 12 years old.

"The idea of being able to do this as a career, I though, was mind blowing — to be able to have fun all the time and travel around on the ship," she said. Kate has accomplished amazing things in her career, and she loves to share her very cool life with her followers on social media.

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"One of the best things about the job is being able to travel and experience the world," she said. "My posts are kind of geared to that to show that there are lots of opportunities in this job. And, if you see it, you can be it."

If her social media is any indication, Kate has loads of better things to do than dwell on mean, backwards thinking trolls who espouse outdated, sexist beliefs. She knows exactly how to quickly put them in their place and then brush off all those captain's stripes on her shoulder.

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