What You Need to Know About the Trending TikTok Test That Determines Your Dating Style

What is the Smile Dating Test that's trending on TikTok? Here's everything we know about ktestone.com's personality test that's trending on TikTok.

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Jan. 17 2023, Updated 5:04 p.m. ET

Finding love in the digital age isn’t easy. No matter how many love languages you manage to learn, singles from all walks of life would agree it's pretty hard out here.

However, the internet can be pretty useful in your quest for happily ever after — just ask the TikTok users who recently discovered the Smile Dating Test. Read on to find out how it works!

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What is the K-Test Smile Dating Test? Everything we know about the TikTok trend.

There is no shortage of personality tests online. Along with ARealMe.com’s Mental Age Test and the Human Emotion Quiz on uQuiz, there’s the Rice Purity Test, a years-old survey that resurfaced after it was mentioned on Netflix’s Big Mouth.

The newest quiz to trend on TikTok is the Smile Dating Test — which, according to users, is eerily accurate.

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The test can be found on ktestone.com, a Korean website that features several other niche-y personality tests like the Water Dating Test, which claims to define your dating style “recognized as water.”

K-Test’s personality test gained popularity on TikTok in early January. Since then, several users have taken to the platform to share what they got on the quiz. In all, there are 16 different smile color personalities — including rose red, gray, khaki, and beige, each with its own unique traits.

Now that the Smile Dating Test craze has blown up on TikTok, users want to know how to take the quiz for themselves. Read on to learn more!

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Here’s how to take the Smile Dating Test on ktestone.com.

Unlike the Rice Purity Test and others like it, the Smile Dating Test only has 12 questions. After submitting your answers, your unique Smile Dating Test results are revealed. The test asks you questions about everything from your plans for the weekend to your personal style.

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Among the queries on the test are, “How will you react when your friend tells you that he/she went shopping because he/she was depressed,” and “How do you choose a date dress?”

Although the questions seem simple, it turns out your answers can be very telling of your dating style. “How did this thing call me out from 12 simple questions with two answers bruh,” one TikToker asked.

“I don’t completely agree, but it’s pretty accurate,” another TikToker wrote.

In addition to your Smile Dating Test results, the site also tells you who matches your vibe — and who doesn’t.

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