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The adult, coming-of-age, animated series Big Mouth was created by Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett, and follows a group of teenagers in the seventh grade struggling with puberty.

Based on Nick and Andrew's upbringing in upstate New York, the show explores topics such as masturbation, teenage hormones, and friendship.

Some of the biggest names in comedy voice characters on the show including Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, and Maya Rudolph, who won two Emmy Awards for her voice-over performance as Connie the Hormone Monstress. Famous guest voice actors have included Kristen Bell, Seth Rogen, and Keke Palmer.

Big Mouth also inspired the spinoff Human Resources, set within the show's universe, and featuring new cast members Aidy Bryant and Randall Park.

Network: Netflix

First Episode Date: September 29, 2017


  • Nick Kroll (Nick Birch / Maurice the Hormone Monster / Coach Steve Steve / Rick the Hormone Monster / Lola Skumpy)
  • John Mulaney (Andrew Glouberman / Mint / Grandpa Andrew / Babe the Blue Ox / Detective Florez)
  • Jessi Klein (Jessi Glaser)
  • Jason Mantzoukas (Jay Bilzerian / Guy Bilzerian / ghost of Socrates)
  • Jenny Slate / Ayo Edebiri (Missy Foreman-Greenwald)
  • Fred Armisen (Elliot Birch / ghost of Antonin Scalia / Stavros / Bob the Hormone Monster)
  • Maya Rudolph (Connie the Hormone Monster / Diane Birch / Bonni LaCienega / bath mat / Principal Barren / Miss Clinkscales / Gayle King / Missy's grandmother)
  • Jordan Peele (Ghost of Duke Ellington / Atlanta Claus / Missy's father Cyrus)

Where to Watch: Netflix

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    Hormones, Anxiety, and Shame Are Coming to Netflix in 'Human Resources'

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  • Keke Palmer as Rochelle and Thandie Newton as Mona the Hormone Monstress

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    'Big Mouth' Season 5 Introduces New Monsters and a New Show

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  • Elliot Birch/Fred Armisen

    Fred Armisen Plays Several Roles on the Hit Netflix Show 'Big Mouth'

    Actor and comedian Fred Armisen voices multiple characters in the Netflix series 'Big Mouth,' which returns for a fifth season on Nov. 5.
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    "Cafeteria Girls" Is the 'PEN15' x 'Big Mouth' Crossover We Didn't Know We Needed

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    Meet 'Big Mouth's Newest Character, Natalie

    As 'Big Mouth's fourth season hit the platform, viewers were introduced to Natalie, the series's first trans character, who is voiced by Josie Totah.
    By Devan McGuinness
  • missy on big mouth

    Ayo Edebiri Has Replaced Jenny Slate as the Voice of Missy on 'Big Mouth'

    Over the summer, Jenny Slate announced that she would no longer be voicing Missy in 'Big Mouth', so who voices the character now?
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  • jenny slate and cree summer

    Fans Voice Their Support for Cree Summer to Take Jenny Slate's Role in 'Big Mouth'

    Following Jenny Slates announcement that she will no longer voice Missy in 'Big Mouth,' fans tweet their support for Cree Summer to take the role.
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  • jenny slate

    Jenny Slate Is Asking Her 'Big Mouth' Role to Go to a Black Actor Instead

    Jenny Slate has asked to be recast in the Netflix show, 'Big Mouth.' As her parents are both white, she left the role so a Black actor could be cast.
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    'Big Mouth' Season 3: What Comes Next for Our Favorite Puberty-Ridden Pals?

    When does 'Big Mouth' Season 3 come out? 'Big Mouth' is returning to Netflix with new voices and new stories that address some very timely issues.
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    Here's a Recap on the 'Big Mouth' Controversy That's All Over Your Feeds

    Season 3 of 'Big Mouth' arrived on Netflix Oct. 4 and it was met with controversy. The show and its creators were accused of biphobia and transphobia.
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    New to 'Big Mouth'? Here's Where Netflix's Animated Comedy Takes Place

    Whether you're new to Netflix's impossibly raunchy comedy series 'Big Mouth' or need a refresher, we've got the lowdown on where the show takes place.
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    Netflix Picked Up a 'Big Mouth' Spinoff, So Get Ready to Rage

    Netflix has reportedly picked up a 'Big Mouth' spinoff, so prepare to get an inside look at the exciting lives of hormone monsters in the workplace.
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