#SurvivingSophia Trends After Someone Allegedly Scammed Big Influencers out of $11 Million

Who is Sophia Nur? The hashtag #SurvivingSophia is trending after multiple big influencers were scammed out of tons of money. Details.

Kori Williams - Author

Nov. 22 2021, Published 1:06 p.m. ET

We've all heard about celebrities being scammed out of tons of money. Now, it's coming to light that yet another big-time scam has taken place. This time, some of your favorite influencers have fallen victim. The alleged scammer, named Sophia Nur, has apparently deleted all of her social media after people put the pieces together. Many are saying that they paid for trips, gave her money, and someone even gave her their credit card information. The damage equals about $11 million.

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Who is Sophia Nur and what did she do?

In November 2021, influencers began calling out one of their "friends" named Sophia for being fake and scamming them out of millions of dollars. TikTok user King Asante says that not much is known about her except that she's from Toronto and she said she was a publicist. For two years, she's allegedly been getting "cash, credit cards, food, flights" and more from people like Jeff Wittek, Rickey Thompson, Denzel Dion, Suzy Antonyan of The Vlog Squad, and more.

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"She owes me money just for the Vegas trip," influencer Denzel said in a clip used in King Asante's TikTok explainer about the scam. Suzy has also reportedly called her a "pathological liar." Asante says that Sophia basically started talking to influencers telling them that she knew people like Drake and even said she was pregnant with Jack Harlow's baby. Some say that she's said she was sexually assaulted by him.

Supposedly, Sophia was flying all over the U.S., and she was telling people she had all these connections to celebrities. When these influencers saw that she was able to do things for them like get them into exclusive events, get them backstage passes, and more, they brought her into their inner circles.

Now, it looks like Sophia has deleted all of her social media and hasn't said anything about all these accusations.

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#SurvivingSophia is all about the ways Sophia allegedly lied to all these people.

According to Spill Sesh, some of Sophia's close friends eventually became suspicious of her. They created a Twitter Spaces group called #SurvivingSophia and added a bunch of influencers to it to talk about how things weren't adding up. Even though a lot of people have been involved, apparently, they're all part of different friend groups, so it took a while for people to put their stories together.

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In this Twitter Spaces group, all of these influencers talked about their experiences with Sophia. Spill Sesh said in one instance, Sophia said she had a trip booked for herself and other people and everything was paid for in advance.

But when they got to the airport, there was no record of her paying for anything, and someone else had to pay out of pocket.

Unfortunately for Jeff, he's getting called out specifically because he reportedly gave Sophia his credit card info. Spill Sesh said Sophia knew someone named Maggie who knew Jeff. Sophia told Maggie that she works for Jeff and knew him well. Eventually, Sophia said that something happened to her and she needed to get out of Vegas, so Maggie called Jeff, told him what happened, and he gave his credit card information over the phone.

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Some are calling all these influencers gullible and users themselves. "So to be clear, they were using her for her perceived clout and she used them for their money," one person wrote.

"Influencers need to be humbled," another said. "They’re not mad this girl stole from them. They’re mad someone they consider a 'nobody' finessed them and was in their 'spaces.' They sound corny and obnoxious."

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Others are defending the influencers, saying that comments like this deflect from the real crime of stealing from someone else regardless of their fame. Others say that a lot of these people worked for their money and Sophia should have done the same.

A person claiming to be Sophia's cousin has said she scammed her too.

Someone named Halima is claiming that Sophia is her cousin and that she was also scammed by her. "Sophia Nur is my cousin and she scammed me and my friends and tried to ruined our lives in 2019," Halima wrote on Twitter. "We have been waiting to tell this story for two and half years."

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In the thread, Halima says that back in 2019, Sophia said she wanted to visit her. The two weren't close growing up because they lived in different countries. Halima is from London, and she decided to let Sophia stay with her for a couple of months. During that time, Sophia claimed to have issues with her bank, so Halima let Sophia borrow money, fully expecting to get paid back. Sophia even showed her a bank account with thousands of dollars in it.

Over time, Halima lent Sophia about £1,000 only to later find out that she had actually stolen £500 more. Halima wrote that Sophia got to know a lot of her friends too and lied to them about deals and connections she could make happen.

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