'Squid Game: The Challenge' Reportedly Has the Largest Cast in Reality TV History

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Nov. 22 2023, Published 3:01 a.m. ET

'Squid Game: The Challenge' cast plays "Red Light, Green Light" during Episode 1.
Source: Netflix

Riding the tidal wave of Squid Game's epic triumph, Netflix dropped a bombshell with Squid Game: The Challenge, a reality TV spin on the South Korean sensation! The 10-episode competition series will see contestants compete to win $4.56 million, the largest single cash prize in reality television and game show history.

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Get ready for a wild ride because Squid Game: The Challenge is tossing 456 players into the mix, which is reportedly the largest cast in reality TV history. If you're eager to know who's in the game, keep scrolling because we've rounded up a couple of the standout stars from this colossal cast!

Player 301 — Trey Plutnicki

One of the first contestants viewers meet is Player 301, Trey Plutnicki. He's a delivery driver and aspiring actor from Chicago. Trey says he went on the show for his mom, who's also competing for the $4.56 million prize.

In July 2022, Trey's lung collapsed; he was in the hospital for eight days, and it was hard for him to breathe during four of those days. His mom and girlfriend were with him the entire time, which Trey claims was the nicest thing they had ever done for him — he's "forever" grateful for their care and support.

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Player 302 — LeAnn Wilcox Plutnicki

Trey's mom is Player 302, LeAnn Wilcox Plutnicki. She's a retired newspaper editor from Bergen County, N.J. LeAnn was an editor for The New York Times, where she worked in various departments. LeAnn joins the competition to show people you can keep trying and doing new things at an older age.

LeAnn was a sporty chick growing up. Her mom was a "really great athlete," and she followed in her footsteps. LeAnn attended Kansas State University, where she was the first woman to receive a full-ride basketball scholarship.

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Player 432 — Bryton Constantin

The "villain" of Squid Game: The Challenge is Player 432, Bryton Constantin. He's a student from Clemson, S.C. who dropped out of college to be on the reality show. Bryton played football for the Clemson Tigers, stepping away from the game in July 2020 due to several injuries.

Bryton comes off as a very cocky and arrogant person, but he doesn't think he acts that way at all. He describes his personality as "very confident and outgoing, almost selfish." Bryton joins the show because he likes challenges and wants to look back at the experience later in life.

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Player 243 — Stephen Lomas

Stephen (Player 243) in 'Squid Game: The Challenge'
Source: Netflix

Player 243, Stephen Lomas, is a moving company owner from Kansas City, Mo. He didn't have much stability in his household, stating that he was one of nine kids. Stephen says his family has been homeless many times, and as a result of his tough childhood, Stephen isn't close with his parents, albeit he still talks to his mom.

Stephen goes on the show with his best friend, Chase (Player 242) — but he is eliminated during "Red Light, Green Light." He later forms a close bond with the oldest player in the game, Rick.

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Player 232 — Rick

Rick (Player 232) in 'Squid Game: The Challenge'
Source: Netflix

Speaking of, meet Player 232, Rick! He's a 69-year-old physician from Armstrong County, Pa. Rick says he will use his age as an asset; no one thinks he's a threat, but he is — his mind is very sharp, so they better watch out!

Rick reveals that his job took up a lot of his time, but now he has more free time to do what he wants, which includes joining Squid Game: The Challenge. While in the competition, Rick bonds with Stephen, Player 243, and forms a gang (the gganbu gang) to further his game.

In his spare time, Rick loves spending time with his 18 grandchildren and bees (he's now a beekeeper).

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Player 182 — TJ Stukes

Player 182, TJ Stukes, is a former professional basketball player turned coach from El Paso, Texas. He's one of the strongest competitors and knows he can handle himself and fight to protect himself and his allies.

TJ played for the Harlem Wizards, retiring in March 2023. He's currently an assistant coach for the Northern New Mexico College men's basketball team. He and his wife, Samatha, have two kids: Amare and Alana Aofia-Stukes.

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Player 179 — Chaney

Chaney (Player 179) in 'Squid Game: The Challenge'
Source: Netflix

One of the rising competitors is Player 179, Chaney. She's a math teacher from Houston, Texas. Chaney has heard that she comes off as quite an intimidating person; not only is she beautiful, but she's also intelligent!

Chaney says her biggest weakness is making impulsive decisions, stating that although she has a great mind, she can make numerous mistakes under pressure. Nevertheless, she's a very good player.

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Player 033 — Jess "Figgy" Figueroa

Last but not least, meet Player 033, Jess "Figgy" Figueroa. She's a teacher from Nashville, Tenn., who competed on Season 33 of Survivor, titled Millennials vs. Gen X. She was eliminated on Day 18.

In Squid Game: The Challenge, Figgy forms a friendship with Trey and says she would take care of his mom, LeAnn, if he were eliminated. All in all, she wants to be a "warm presence" for people and offer them a safe space.

Watch Squid Game: The Challenge on Netflix.

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