Here's How to Get Star Fragments in 'Animal Crossing' — and Why You Want Them

Want to know how to find star fragments in ‘Animal Crossing’ and what they're used for? Here’s a tutorial on the magical ingredient in many DIY recipes.

Amber Garrett - Author

Apr. 16 2020, Updated 11:31 a.m. ET

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players will encounter several recipes containing a fairly elusive DIY ingredient: star fragments. They're certainly not as abundant or easy to get as weeds and tree branches, but the results are definitely worth it. Though technically you can find them every night you play (emphasis on night), certain nights will give you abundant opportunities to collect this precious material used for making wands and other rare items.

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How do you find star fragments on 'Animal Crossing'?

Star fragments are basically what fall to earth during a meteor shower in Animal Crossing when you wish on a star. If you use your right joystick to turn the camera skyward, you can watch for shooting stars streaking across the night sky. Unfortunately, you can't look at the sky while doing anything else, so this can be a very tedious process indeed. Luckily, there are some nights where conditions are a bit more conducive to collecting star fragments.

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A visit from Celeste in 'Animal Crossing' means it's time to hunt for star fragments.

Enter Blathers' spacey sister, Celeste, who will visit your town on random evenings to observe a meteor shower. Typically, Isabelle will mention during her morning announcements that a meteor shower is expected, but some players have seen unexpected appearances by Celeste. Even if you've talked to her before, be sure to speak with her before you go meteor hunting.

On your first conversation she will give you the recipe for a star wand and explain how to wish on stars. Sometimes, a meteor shower has a special relation to a zodiac sign, which will allow you to collect that fragments particular to that star sign.

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During the meteor shower, keep your character's hands free of any tools so the "A" button is free to help you wish on the shooting stars as they streak. Generally, when you see one, another will follow soon after, so if you miss your chance, keep looking and try again. It will twinkle a little if you nailed your wish.

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And you're going to want to wish on as many as you can because large star fragments and zodiac star fragments are much rarer than the regular star fragments. Unlike most other resources you get in the game, these won't appear for you to collect right away, so return to the game in the morning to collect the rewards of your stargazing. The next day, star fragments will have washed up on the beach and may continue to throughout the early hours. 

What can you make with star fragments?

Every magic wand you can make in the game requires star fragments, though not all require the elusive large star fragment. All the wands perform the same function, allowing you to load up to eight outfits for your character and magically change your clothes with the flick of your wand. 

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In addition to the magic wand, you can make celestial-themed furniture and decor, including a lunar rover, flying saucer, and my personal favorite, galaxy flooring, which makes it look like you're walking on the Milky Way. So keep your head up and wish on those stars, Animal Crossers!

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