Woman Finds Swapped Slides With Clear Signs of Wear in TJ Maxx

After a woman finds swapped slides in TJ Maxx, social media users share that the incident is a normal occurrence at retail locations.

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Oct. 3 2023, Published 11:31 a.m. ET

The last thing anyone would expect when shopping at a retail location is to find used items. Sure, with the exception of Goodwill and Salvation Army who sell gently used items, customers expect to find freshly made products and items on retail shelves.

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That said, one woman on TikTok gave social media users the shock of a lifetime. While perusing through the aisles at a TJ Maxx location, she found a pair of well-used slides on a hanger. And of course, some folks have questions. Here’s the full scoop.

A woman shopping at TJ Maxx
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A woman finds swapped slides in a TJ Maxx location.

Some people truly have no shame. In an Aug. 9, 2023, TikTok video, creator Anaxli (@anaxli) a woman and her friend were shopping at a TJ Maxx location and made a disgusting discovery,

“TJ Maxx chronicles… I promise I washed my hands after touching it lol,” the video caption reads.

As the video starts, you see a pair of cream slides on a Puma hanger that look worn. The text overlay reads “bro” with a skull emoji.

As the woman and her friend shared a laugh at the situation, the woman proceeded to flip the slide around to look at the back. The slides are not only worn but they have been very used. The outsole of the slides is completely black. If you didn’t look at the color of the slides, you wouldn't know they were cream in color. That’s how bad they look.

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The woman and her friend proceeded to laugh even harder with her friend holding onto a TJ Maxx shelf and squatting to her knees with a hearty laugh. In fact, she laughed so hard that she nearly fell on the mini seat.

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TikTok users are disgusted but recognize that finding used shoes at a retail store is common.

Although some folks believe that retail stores are to blame, they are absolved from this situation. Truth be told, shoplifting is at an all-time high and folks have no qualms with taking things right off of the rack and replacing them with their own used items.

While some stores have exceptional loss prevention and security teams that can prevent this issue from happening, in such a large store with tons of customers, it can be easy for folks to miss things.

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That said, TikTok users are disgusted, with many retail workers commenting on the situation and sharing similar experiences.

“As someone who worked for TJ Maxx for years, this happened at least three times every summer,” one person shared.

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“At my retail job, a girl came in, tried on jeans, walked out in our jeans, and hung up and left her old pair 😂,” another woman shared.

“I did this as a kid when I wanted new shoes. just put the old ones in the box and walk out with a new pair 🤣🤣🤣,” another user said.

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After taking all of this in, it’s safe to say that you need to thoroughly inspect any goods you buy from a retail location to prevent buying a used item.

TJ Maxx has yet to make a statement about the video, but since the video has garnered a whopping 10.3 million views and counting, we can assume that the retailer will probably make a statement online.

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