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Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young Are Engaged After One Year of Dating



If you're a fan of home renovation reality shows, then there's a good chance you've tuned into Flip or Flop, which featured Tarek El Moussa along with his then-wife Christina Anstead. Throughout the years, viewers have often mentioned how the tension between the couple was palpably mounting, so their split didn't come as a surprise. And they've been actively looking for their Mr. and Mrs. Rights ever since.

Two and a half years after divorce, Tarek El Moussa's now engaged to Heather Rae Young.

Tarek El Moussa announced his engagement to Heather Rae Young on Instagram.

The caption simply reads "She said yes!" Heather and Tarek began dating a year ago when the Flip or Flop star was vocally pursuing love following his divorce from Christina. Heather is the star of a reality series of her own. Selling Sunset is a popular Netflix series that chronicles the lives of the Oppenheim Group's league of realtors who deal with LA's most luxurious properties.

Heather, along with the show's other cast members, only deal with the most affluent customers whose home demands tip the scales of exorbitance. The more opulent and lavish, the better — and Heather's one of those realtors whose entire job is predicated on maintaining positive relationships with her clients while securing a fat commission for both her and her firm.

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Tarek dished out the details of Heather Rae Young's engagement ring to 'People'.

According to outlet, Tarek selected an 8-carat diamond engagement ring with an emerald cut. The number "8" also has a special significance to the reality TV show host, who says that "8" is a lucky number, and that "the diamond is perfect all the way around, just like Heather."

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They chronicled their engagement celebration, which took place on Catalina Island, on Instagram. It included some seriously high-class, amazing vegan meal options (Heather's diet is all plant-based), along with a customized menu with cute little inserts that included anniversary photos of the couple.

The story of Tarek's proposal is actually pretty heartwarming, as he relates it.

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Before getting down on one knee in a tuxedo and proposing to Heather, he took a clandestine trip to Running Springs, Calif., to get Heather's parents' blessing before he could propose. After getting the OK from Mom and Dad, Tarek popped the question, which occurred on the one-year anniversary of their being an exclusive boyfriend/girlfriend couple.

The dinner Tarek had prepared was at a beach cabana, which was decorated with flowers and a custom neon sign that read, "The Future Mrs. El Moussa." In addition to a custom food menu was an assortment of signature cocktails, along with a scrapbook filled with photos of the couple's first year together.

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They then spent the rest of the extended weekend on Tarek's yacht, "Bad Decisions." Although some may think that getting engaged after a year of dating may be rushing things a bit, Tarek and Heather have spent ample time living with each other before he popped the question, considering they had moved in together only a week after meeting each other.

In August of 2019, they officially revealed they were dating online.

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This happy news is a stark contrast from Tarek's scary back injury in 2018.

It's nice to see that things are looking up for the renovation-show wunderkind and house flipper. Tarek had suffered a scary second back injury shortly after his divorce from Christina Anstead was official. Tarek admitted he was extremely down and depressed following the injury and wasn't looking forward to the recovery. However, he's made huge progress since then and appears to be at 100 percent now.

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Tarek has two children from his previous marriage — and Heather Rae Young has already met his children, calling herself their "bonus mom." Here's to the happy couple who will hopefully have many decades of love and joy ahead!

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