The Best European and American "Mind Can't Comprehend" Memes That Are So Accurate

A meme trend is taking over Twitter comparing European and American minds. So we've rounded up the best of both worlds — neither mind can comprehend!

Jamie Lerner - Author

Sep. 20 2023, Updated 3:04 p.m. ET

Whenever we think there's a shortage of memes, we simply need to look at Twitter to find a new favorite trend. Now, the best new meme makes fun of both Americans and Europeans by giving examples of what "the European mind can't comprehend," such as fast food restaurants in the middle of nowhere and American college football stadiums bigger than Premiere League soccer stadiums. It's a dig at both America's ridiculousness of America and Europe's traditional culture.

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However, now a new set of memes illustrating what "the American mind can't comprehend" is clapping back at the OG trend to mock both Europeans and Americans.

What many Americans fail to realize — and I can say this as someone who lives in Europe — is that while Europe may have free public healthcare, there are still plenty of cultural, bureaucratic, and economic shortfalls. Just remember, Love Island came from the United Kingdom ... so they can't be that culturally superior.

So, we've rounded up the best memes from both worlds!

"The European mind cannot comprehend this" video of Creed's Super Bowl halftime show performance.

Let alone the lack of American football in Europe, they also have a lack of Creed and a lack of stadium events in which a lead singer literally flies. I don't even think the American mind can comprehend this 2001 performance.

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"The American mind can't comprehend" Eurovision.

If you've never watched Eurovision's marathon-like annual event with friends and themed cocktails, what are you even doing? It's a competition for the best song in Europe by the most campy performers of all time. And we agree, the American mind can't comprehend it.

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"The European mind can't comprehend" Ranch dressing.

It's sad but true. Ranch dressing doesn't exist in Europe! And trust me, I've tried to explain its creamy goodness to the Europeans and they literally can't comprehend it!

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"The American mind cannot comprehend" this breakfast of champions.

Sure, we can mock America's love of junk food, fast food, and giant breakfasts, but it's true that a classic Italian breakfast is just an espresso and a cigarette. Make it make sense!

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"The European mind literally cannot comprehend" big trucks.

My host family when I first moved to Spain always asked why American cars are so big. I can't comprehend it either, but it's the most American thing in the world.

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"The American mind could never comprehend" pedestrian-centric city planning.

While Americans love their big trucks, they have very few options when it comes to transportation. Luckily, this Twitter user fixed the American cities by adding sidewalks and public transit, taking away parking lots, and turning overpasses into roundabouts. We agree that the American mind could never comprehend this.

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"The European mind couldn't comprehend" Buc-ee's.

Now, in all fairness, many Americans have never been to Buc-ee's either, but once they have, they learn that there's nothing like it. When people talk about the most magical place on Earth, they aren't talking about Disney World. It's time for some Europeans to get to Texas.

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"The American mind cannot comprehend" tiny elevators.

I don't think I ever saw a tiny elevator until I went to Europe — sometimes you even have to manually open a door to trigger the elevator door to open. But it's true. There are elevators that can't even fit a person and their suitcase, while in America ... we have Buc-ee's.

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"The European mind cannot comprehend" strip malls.

If you say "strip mall" to a European, we can almost bet they'll think of a strip bar, which is very different. To all the Europeans out there: strip malls are like outdoor "strips" of shops that would never normally be next to one another. Think Chick-fil-A and a nail salon.

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"The American mind cannot comprehend" WhatsApp.

Who needs strip malls when you have WhatsApp? No, the two aren't related, but Europeans visit WhatsApp in a day more than Americans visit strip malls in a month. We use it for everything: group chats, booking appointments, meetup groups, etc. Because unlike in America, Europeans all have different types of phones.

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And then of course, there are those who can comprehend everything. The European Americans, the first generations, Americans abroad — we are the ones who can comprehend.

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