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Source: Disney+

'The Mandalorian' Is Disney+'s Biggest New Show, but There Aren't Any Early Reviews for It


If you were to judge Jon Favreau by the critically reviled eggs he laid, like The Lion King remake, along with Cowboys and Aliens and the terrible Iron Man 2 film (it's 73 percent on RT, but it blows, come on), then you'd probably think that The Mandalorian, which is Disney+'s top pony to usher in the exciting new streaming service, is going to stink.

But a quick trip to Jon's IMDB page would reveal that statistically speaking: you'd be wrong.

The man single-handedly created the Marvel Cinematic Universe after betting the house on Iron Man and getting a walking Hollywood redemption story, Robert Downey Jr., involved. A talented actor, writer, and producer in his own right, Jon has a keen eye for adapting source material and bringing something "new" to it. While the live-action Disney remakes are soulless, garbage affairs for the most part, The Jungle Book is easily the best of the bunch.