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Source: Fox

If You're Wondering the Identity of the Rottweiler on 'Masked Singer,' Here Are the Odds-on Picks


We admit, it's been a lot harder on this second season of The Masked Singer to identify some of the mysterious contestants. While at this point last season we had near certainty on almost every celebrity behind the crazy costumes, the clues have been a lot more vague and the vocal distortion and other obfuscation tactics have been a bit trickier. But we're still determined to guess each one before they're unmasked, so it's time to turn to The Rottweiler.

We've seen some guesses that make good sense and even have a few of our own that we feel good about, but what are the odds any one of them is right? Well, since you can pretty much bet on anything, there are legit odds on things like this. 

Here are the best guesses for who The Rottweiler is on The Masked Singer.