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Source: FOX

'The Masked Singer' Season 2 Reveal List — Who Has Been Unmasked?


The World Series seriously interrupted Season 2 of The Masked Singer — so we don't blame you if you need a quick recap on who has been revealed on the FOX reality singing competition. 

But first, who is left on The Masked Singer?

The second season started with 16 contestants, and now we are down to the top three, so the finals are just around the corner. That means these costumed celebrities are still competing: 

  • Flamingo
  • Fox
  • Rottweiler 

Who won Season 1 of The Masked Singer?

Last year, the Monster won the singing show — and it turned out to be "Buy U a Drank" artist T-Pain. 

"I think so far the best reveal was T-Pain because here is, as someone who developed infamy from autotuning. But people don't appreciate what a gifted vocalist he is," judge Ken Jeong told Distractify exclusively. "You know, he is actually a guest panelist this season, so I've gotten to hang out with him, and I’m so happy for him because he's really enjoying a moment right now in his well-earned, well-deserved [fame]."

Keep reading to see who has been revealed so far! 

1. Ice Cream

Source: FOX, Getty Images

Clues: February 14 (half of February equals a Fortnite), every day is cheat day, "Now I've got over a billion reasons," karate moves, "take the competition to next level," gold coins, streamers, and headphones. 

Celebrity: Streaming champion Tyler "Ninja" Blevins