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Source: Fox

Who Is Still Left on 'The Masked Singer'? — Plus, Winner Predictions


With Season 2 of The Masked Singer underway, already a few celebs have been unmasked, but we still have many mystery singers whose identities are still unknown.

If you need a refresher on who has yet to have their identity revealed, take a look at the remaining cast below. Then help us predict who will win the competition and become the last singer to unmask!

Here's who is left on The Masked Singer:

1. Black Widow

Source: Fox

Black Widow took the stage for the first time tonight and she can sang. Like "sure, I'll take on a Whitney Houston classic, no problem!" sang. We think she'll go far... and we're pretty sure we know who she is. Let's just say, she could have easily inhabited The Raven costume donned by Ricki Lake last season!