Will 'The Patient' Return for a Second Season? Season 1 Was Billed as a Limited Series

Katherine Stinson - Author

Oct. 25 2022, Published 1:58 p.m. ET

Dr. Alan Strauss (Steve Carrell)
Source: FX

Spoiler alert: The following article contains spoilers for The Patient Season 1 on FX and Hulu.

If you've ever wondered if iconic comedic actor Steve Carrell was capable of tackling a darker acting role, look no further than the first season of The Patient on FX.

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Steve played Dr. Alan Strauss, a therapist held prisoner by his own demons — and his serial killer client. Wait, so who's the actual patient that the title is referring to, then?

And will The Patient be returning for a second season? Here's what we know.

Dr. Alan Strauss (Steve Carell)
Source: FX

Does Alan survive his killer client?

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Will there be a Season 2 of 'The Patient'?

Well if there is, we won't see the return of Steve as Dr. Strauss.

After all, the aforementioned killer client, Sam (Domhnall Gleeson) actually acted on his murderous impulses in The Patient's Season 1 finale and killed Dr. Strauss.

Domnall pondered the possibility of Dr. Strauss's return in a potential second season of The Patient, telling Decider, "I think Sam would do a similar thing [to Strauss talking to his own therapist in his mind] and would visit Strauss in his mind, but it would be his version of Strauss, because he doesn’t have Strauss’s expertise."

As of Oct. 25th, 2022, The Patient has yet to be renewed for FX for a second season. However, the show technically hasn't been canceled, either!

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Wait, why does Sam kill Alan? (SPOILERS)

Alan's botched escape attempt goes horribly wrong in The Patient Season 1 finale. After Sam finally confronts his own abusive father and restrains himself from murdering him, Alan tries to bargain with him for his freedom, thinking that Sam is finally healing from his dangerous urges (Sam has been keeping Alan captive this whole time, FYI).

Thinking that Sam will finally be willing to let him go, Alan reassures him that he won't turn him in if Sam sets him free.

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However, Sam has no intention of setting Alan free. In a desperate last-ditch attempt at freedom, Alan threatens to kill Sam's mother Candace (Linda Edmond) if Sam doesn't let him go.

Alan's escape attempt costs him dearly.

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Remember how Sam ended up restraining himself from killing his father? Well, Alan tragically gave him the perfect outlet for his murderous frustrations.

Alan begs Sam to turn himself into the police or he'll go through with murdering Candace. However, Sam ends up strangling Alan to death instead.

Even Steve was shocked by the ending of The Patient Season 1. He told USA Today, "I was shocked to read [the ending]." The actor explained that the cast initially had no idea how The Patient was going to end. Ultimately, he thought the shocker ending was the best way for the story to end, saying, "It's not the Hollywood ending .. .It's a harder [ending] to digest, but in a weird way, it's more satisfying."

You can stream The Patient Season 1 now on Hulu.

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