The 'Sandlot' Series Is Coming to Disney Plus — Along With the Original Cast

‘The Sandlot’ is coming to Disney Plus with a new series featuring the original cast. It takes place in 1984 and has a new generation of ballplayers.

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Mar. 22 2021, Updated 12:53 p.m. ET

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Source: 20th Century Fox

When it comes to baseball movies, there are plenty of home run options. Who doesn’t love A League of Their Own, Rookie of the Year, or Field of Dreams? But if you’re looking for the true grand slam, you’re obviously going to want to watch The Sandlot. It’s the ideal mix of childhood innocence, inspirational teamwork, and good ol’ comedy — in short: the perfect baseball movie. Now, everyone’s favorite baseball movie might become everyone’s favorite series on Disney Plus. Here’s what we know.

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‘The Sandlot’ series is coming to Disney Plus.

Last April, Deadline announced that a Sandlot series was in the works for Disney’s streaming service. David Mickey Evans — who directed and co-wrote the 1993 film — was attached to write and executive produce the series.

the sandlot disney plus series
Source: 20th Century Fox
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The new series will apparently feature the original cast from the 1993 film.

While the film is set in 1962, the series will apparently take place in 1984 and will actually focus on the kids of the original film’s characters. That’s right: an even smaller Smalls might be on our screens in the near future! He appeared on an episode of the podcast The Rain Delay and said that he had sold a pitch for the series that will bring all the original cast members back.

Thanks to the original film’s ending, we have at least a vague idea of what everyone has been up to. We assume Scotty’s career as a sports commentator and Benny’s stint with the Dodgers will probably play some sort of role in the series, but the real question is this: Will the series feature all nine of Squints and Wendy’s kids? We certainly hope so.

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This series might not be the only new ‘Sandlot’ title in the works right now.

Back in 2018, a Sandlot prequel was announced. David Mickey Evans was also attached to the project, but there hasn’t been a lot of news since the announcement. Apparently, the prequel takes place in the 1950s and might have included the legend of The Beast. The prequel’s IMDb page is very sparse on details, so who knows if it’s actually still happening? Maybe David Mickey Evans pivoted to the series instead? 

the sandlot disney plus prequel
Source: 20th Century Fox
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Why isn’t ‘The Sandlot’ movie on Disney Plus?

If all this talk of The Sandlot is making you crave a rewatch, we’ve got bad news for Disney Plus subscribers: You won’t find it on Disney Plus. It was there when the service launched, but was one of the movies that Disney Plus quietly removed from its lineup. This isn’t too shocking, considering the fact that The Sandlot isn’t actually a Disney film (it was actually produced by 20th Century Fox).

Of course, now that Disney owns Fox, The Sandlot is effectively a Disney property (hence the new series in the works). We would guess that the movie will probably be back on the streaming service at some point. Usually, when a film is removed from the Disney Plus lineup, it means that it’s available to stream somewhere else. At the moment, you can rent The Sandlot on a variety of services for a couple bucks.

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