'The Secrets She Keeps' Is Based on a Book — Get Your Spoilers Here!

AMC's 'The Secrets She Keeps' is a psychological thriller drama that's actually based on a novel of the same name. These are the spoilers you need.

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Apr. 19 2021, Published 4:21 p.m. ET

Laura Carmichael and Jessica De Gouw from 'The Secrets She Keeps'
Source: AMC

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the book version of The Secrets She Keeps.

When The Secrets She Keeps premiered on Network Ten in Australia, it introduced hundreds of thousands of viewers to a psychological thriller that was actually based on a book. So bringing it to AMC was a no-brainer to keep the momentum going and give even more people the chance to see the story play out on the small screen.

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Even if you've never read the book, you might already be chomping at the bit to see how the story of two pregnant women meeting, becoming instant friends, and hiding torrid secrets of their own turns out in the end. Although the series may differ from the book, as is sometimes the case, these are all of the book spoilers for The Secrets She Keeps.

the secrets she keeps show
Source: AMC
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Agatha is enamored with Meg in 'The Secrets She Keeps.'

The premise of the book and the show is that a supermarket employee, Agatha, becomes obsessed with becoming friends with Meg, who runs a mommy blog and seems to have it all, including a doting husband, two kids, and a due date which falls around the same time as Agatha's, since she, too, is pregnant. Or is she?

The book version of 'The Secrets She Keeps' alternates between Agatha's and Meg's perspectives.

In the book, the viewpoints of both women, who appear to be pregnant at the start of the story, are alternated each chapter. This gives readers a chance to see how both of them live, how their individual lives and circumstances differ, and just how obsessed Agatha grows about becoming a part of Meg's life.

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Agatha isn't really pregnant.

The show and the novel lead the reader to believe that Agatha is pregnant and that part of the reason she is so drawn to Meg is their similar due dates. In the book The Secrets She Keeps, however, Agatha isn't pregnant. She had been a couple of times before but lost both babies and, seeing Meg's seemingly perfect life, she wants what her new friend has.

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Meg has an affair in the novel.

Despite appearing to have a perfect life, as Agatha is sure is the case, Meg's unborn baby might be someone else's. In the book, she has an affair with her husband's friend and the baby might, in fact, be his. The plot device doesn't do much to change Agatha's plans, but it does show how both women are flawed, which the show might do as well.

the secrets she keeps ending
Source: AMC
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In the book, Agatha kidnaps Meg's baby.

For readers, the biggest plot point is toward the end of the novel, when Agatha kidnaps Meg's baby. She plans to raise him as her own since, as readers know by this point, Agatha isn't really pregnant at all and never was, despite bonding with Meg over it. As it turns out, Agatha wore a prosthetic pregnancy tummy to fool everyone, and now she plans to take Meg's baby to replace the ones she lost.

Agatha ends up returning the baby at the end of 'The Secrets She Keeps.'

Despite how terribly sinister things could have gone in the book version of The Secrets She Keeps, Agatha returns the baby to Meg. After he gets sick and she can't make him better, she has no choice but to turn him over or risk giving herself up and revealing what she did anyway. Surprisingly, Agatha considers what is in the best interest of the infant.

Watch The Secrets She Keeps on Mondays at 10 p.m. EST on AMC.

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