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Source: AMC

What Siddiq Saunderson's Death on 'The Walking Dead' Means for Everyone's Survival


Until the Nov. 17 penultimate Walking Dead episode of 2019, it seemed all but certain that Rosita would be the one to kick the bucket sooner rather than later. She has been bedridden with a mysterious illness for quite a while, after all. Instead, Siddiq died on The Walking Dead and his death could have lasting repercussions among the rest of the survivors.

It’s not just because Siddiq was the main doctor in Alexandria and had everyone's lives depending on him, but also because he took a big secret with him when he died. At least, that’s how it seemed. In the final hours before Dante killed him, Siddiq seemed to figure out that the water had been contaminated and that it was the reason for so many illnesses in the community. And now that he's dead, things could go from bad to worse.