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Relax, No One's Dying on This Season of 'This Is Us'



Warning: This Is Us spoilers ahead.

It's been a rollercoaster of emotions during the past few months for This Is Us fans, and not just because we're totally thrown by the airing schedule. Between Randall's public office, Kevin's drinking and Kate's pregnancy (will she die?!), we have no clue how things will wrap up for the Big 3 at the end of this third season.

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And that's not even beginning to get into their extended families, who obviously have a lot of drama going on in their own lives, what with Deja's situation at school, Beth's dance project, past-Rebecca's grief, and Zoe surprising Kevin in LA. 

Since there are only a few episodes left to round out Season 3, we figure you're dying for spoilers — and we aim to please. Keep reading for fan theories and spoilers of the next few This Is Us episodes.

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1. The baby complications.

Although we strongly doubt that Kate or her baby will die in the coming episodes of our favorite Tuesday-night show, we know that her water's now broken and she's being wheeled into the hospital incredibly prematurely. Some fans are thinking that instead of something going amiss with her or the baby, Toby will be the one to suffer.

Fans on reddit are positing that Toby might end up with Male Postpartum/Paternal Postnatal Depression, an illness that has not been explored on TV as much as its female counterpart. This would tie into Toby's previous depression and anxiety, and might even give us a clue into why he is depressed and not wearing his ring in flash-forward scenes. Plus, up to 1 of 4 new fathers experience PPND, so it definitely feels like a path worth exploring.

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2. Why Kevin is missing from every flash-forward.

Fans are coming up with really compelling reasons as to why Kevin has been conspicuously absent from any of the Big 3's flash-forwards, but one has us absolutely sold. Last week, Kate went into labor after leaving her graduation party to go looking for Kevin, who is secretly off the wagon and has been binge drinking in his hotel room. As a result, Kevin isn't able to drive his twin sister to the hospital, where things get increasingly hectic and scary for Kate and her baby's future.

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Now, we're thinking that the family might blame Kevin for Kate's early labor (due to stress) and that he'll end up becoming an outcast, therefore ending up like reclusive Uncle Nicky, who got him into this drinking spiral in the first place. "I could see that happening if Toby, out of grief and rage ends up saying some very nasty things to Kevin, and Kevin, out of guilt and self-hate really falls off the wagon, and he ends up like Uncle Nicky," writes one fan. Honestly, it does seem a bit extreme for the Pearsons to ice Kevin out this way, but it would explain why we've never seen older Kevin and This Is Us loves full-circle cycles, so why not.

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3. Miguel and Rebecca's love story.

We've never really gotten to see how Miguel and Rebecca end up together, but last week's episode brought us a little closer to their love story. After an insensitive single dad tries to ask Rebecca out in the wake of Jack's death, she finds solace in Jack's best friend Miguel. 

We feel like the next few episodes are going to give us a little more insight into Rebecca's relationship and hopefully we'll see Kate, Kevin, and Randall make more of an effort to form a semblance of a relationship with their stepfather.

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4. More marital problems for Randall and Beth.

How excited were you when you found out that Randall and Beth didn't divorce — yet. Although they managed to pull it together once Randall won his campaign for public office and decided to compromise so that Beth could also achieve her goals of opening a dance studio, we don't think their marriage is going to stay that peachy for long.

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We know that his triplets mean the world to Randall, but it seems a bit extreme that he at once demands Beth give up her dream in favor of a full-time job that'll provide for their three girls while also flying across the country at any given time (OK OK, we know, this is extreme for Kate but still) to be with his siblings. We foresee this kind of class Randall double-standard blowing up in the couple's face.

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5. Kevin and Zoe make it work, against all odds.

The secret Kevin's been keeping from Zoe happens to be the same secret he kept from Sophie for a while: his substance addiction. Although it doesn't work out for Sophie at all, many fans are convinced Zoe is going to push through and that their relationship won't end until later, when Kevin wants to get married but Zoe refuses.

As one redditor puts it, "We've actually seen Zoe's background and to say that she's been through some s--t is an understatement ... I think that's exactly what Kevin needs." Another adds, "The writers have to show Kevin being able to maintain a long-term relationship sober. SO I am sure Zoe will be there with him for a while."

What do you think is going to happen over the next couple of weeks? Show writers are saying they'd like This Is Us to run for a total of six seasons, which would leave us at the series halfway mark when the Season 3 finale airs in a couple of weeks.

Don't miss This Is Us on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC. 

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