The Memes About Zeus From the 'Thor: Love and Thunder’ Trailer Are Just Divine

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

May 25 2022, Published 5:13 p.m. ET

Zeus Thor Memes
Source: Marvel | WWE

If you know anything about Greek mythology, then you'll know the gods aren't exactly perfect beings. In fact, they regularly partake in activities that are not only considered highly imperfect, but downright criminal, lascivious, petty, and highly amoral.

Take Zeus, for example, the God of the Sky who is often depicted as wielding lightning, and just so happens to be featured in Thor: Love and Thunder — and is now the subject of many memes.

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In Greek mythos, Zeus led the charge to defeat the Titans to ensure he and his family were the rulers of the galaxy and all that. In the Marvel universe, he's known as Zeus Panhellenios, from the "pocket dimension of Olympus" who rules over the Olympians.

After watching the newest trailer for Taika Waititi's latest Thor flick, MCU fans were divided on seeing his depiction as a more comedic role played by Russell Crowe.

Thor Zeus Memes
Source: Marvel
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Given that the film's main villain is Gorr, the God Butcher, who is getting revenge on the gods for not answering his prayers when he needed them the most (he's played by a very Black Metal-album-cover-looking Christian Bale) it would make sense that some of the gods are portrayed in the film as not having the best of personalities/attributes, further fueling Gorr's rage/need for revenge.

And a slew of memes have surfaced online that highlight fan division over Zeus's depiction in the films.

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Some folks were put off by the fact that Zeus doesn't look like he's carved out of marble, even making comparisons to "Snyderverse" depictions of a well-oiled, abdominally crafted Zeus.

However, some pointed out that MCU Zeus looks a little more like how he was classically portrayed.

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Others mentioned that Zeus wasn't exactly a "good guy" in mythology, especially by modern standards, and that Waititi's portrayal of him in the film is more akin to what the God of the Sky was all about ...

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... a fact that someone drove home with an image of Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Many folks are highlighting that comparing the Zeus characters from different universes is unfair as the story told in Thor: Love and Thunder is entirely different from the one being portrayed in the Snyderverse film one Twitter user was pointing out for comparison ...

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... like the fact that MCU Zeus is "sluttier":

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Some expressed that they were happy Zeus was being portrayed by an Oscar-winning actor in the upcoming MCU flick.

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Others were also quick to point out the "unserious" nature of Zeus.

According to some, he's the "bumbling drunk dad of Greek mythology"

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And others highlighted that the effects in the first photo let people know the actor was Zeus.

Some even posted pictures of classical sculptures to drive their point home.

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But for some, there were other aspects that made the MCU Zeus the superior Zeus.

Then there are fans who are clamoring for "horny idiot" Zeus.

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For many, the evidence is just too apparent.

Others got trolled for thinking Zack Snyder "invented" Zeus.

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Others drew up more ... creative comparisons.

By the end of the entire ordeal, one thing became clear...

Source: Twitter | @iconichydronic

... which is that folks just got into a fan war as to what was better: Zack Snyder's DCU or Marvel's MCU.

Which interpretation of Zeus do you prefer? Or is it contingent on the movie?

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