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These Joe Exotic Memes Are Almost as Over the Top as the Tiger King Himself



If you haven't watched Netflix's Tiger King limited docu-series, then you're really doing yourself a disservice. Most people in America probably remember Joe Exotic from his bleach-blonde mullet, bombastic shirts, and strange 2016 presidential bid.

These are the best Joe Exotic memes we've seen since 'Tiger King' was released.

But the Netflix-produced series shows that there's a lot more to Joe Schreibvogel than his offbeat exterior. The dude was part of a big cat world of eccentric folks who ranged from awesome to The Island of Dr. Moreau movie... but in adjective form. So it's only natural a bunch of over-the-top memes about Joe Exotic have taken over the internet as of late.

WARNING: Some of these memes contain spoilers for the excellent docu-series.

They'll never know the difference.

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I'm going to photoshop Carole Baskin in there and tell people that's Bebe Rexhe.

The one-liners.

If you just wrote down some of the one liners and quick interactions between folks in this documentary, you'll have a treasure trove of memes.

Spoiler alert.

This reveal was one of the craziest things in the documentary. I'm in awe of this woman.

I was floored by this when I saw it.

Props to the editing/storyboard team. Jeff Lowe does not come off as a good guy in this entire thing at all.


An image you will never, ever unsee.

She has a point.

There's something so fundamentally un-trustworthy about both of them. I mean Joe's crazy, but wowsers.

It's a great catchphrase.

I wonder if she saw watched Tiger King and what she thought of it?

Poor Don Lewis.

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Seriously, just watch her face when she isn't talking. Yikes.

Salons are essential.

Seriously, please, open them back up. I can't take this.

Joe really dislikes her.

Enough to put a hit out on her, though? I mean all that talk of dropping grenades from a helicopter, though...

The series is brilliant.

Seriously, and they're actually leaving out a lot of crazy stuff, too.

Best part of the whole thing.

Best part of any documentary I've ever seen, really.

There's levels to the insanity.

And the film always manages to outdo itself. Seriously, the guy in the beginning is not over-selling any of it.


Joe Exotic is officially an American icon. Bless him.

It never gets old.

Seriously, this image is burned into my brain for all the right reasons.


The animals are the most trustworthy and regular parts of the documentary.

Three way marriage.

Joe Exotic clearly lived life by his own rules and that included these wonderful photoshoots.

Cue Dimebag solo.

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This photo is the gift that keeps on giving.

Yes he is.

This will literally be your face the entire time.


Oh, you think Joe didn't have bars? THINK AGAIN.


Oh sir, I beg to differ.

You're crossing a line here.

I mean, yes, it would be hilarious, but we don't mess with the legacy of Steve Irwin, as much as I love Joe.

It's hard to like her.

Bhagavan's pretty awful too. How is Mario the most normal?!


Seriously, I was genuinely impressed.

A recurring theme, I noticed.

So many shirtless interviews. WHY?!

Seems accurate.

It's tough to choose between him and the Aladdin Robin Williams Genie.

Well, duh.

I kind of feel bad piling on Carole, she had a tough break, but so did a lot of folks in this documentary.

Last Halloween-themed meme, promise.

But come on, this is a wonderful concept for a group costume.

It's everywhere.

Nearly every frame of this film is a treasure trove.

So true.

Why are all of these cat people polygamists? Even Carole's ex!

Worth it.

OK, maybe not permanent eye damage, but like, a day or two? Worth it.

In case you missed it.

So nice it needs to be featured twice.

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