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People Think Tim Tebow Is on 'The Masked Singer,' and It's Totally Believable



As amusing as it is to see what amounts to a mascot jumping around onstage and lip-syncing, everyone knows the most compelling part of The Masked Singer is figuring out who the celebrity is behind each mask. (And yes, I know it actually is them singing under there.) Avid viewers tend to get seriously into their theories — and people are convinced Tim Tebow is on The Masked Singer

The theory is that the Rhino is Tim. Between the release of the Rhino's first clue package, hearing him sing for the first time, and the judges' guesses, let's take a closer look at the evidence at hand. Because I can totally see it.

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People are convinced Tim Tebow is the Rhino on 'The Masked Singer.'

The first clue package for the Rhino, who started out the singing competition as a member of Group C, aired on March 11. "While my exterior may look tough and callous, I'm really just a gentle giant," the Rhino said, with his voice disguised. "As a young rhino, I was center stage. The toast of the town every week. But being on top became an addiction. When I suddenly wasn't the best, I crashed and burned."

The Rhino continued, "I pushed the people closest to me away. But I got the help I needed to get back on my ride, and now I'm here to take a leap of faith — just a bit outside my comfort zone. Because I'm ready to soar again."

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When the Rhino performed, "Have a Little Faith in Me" on March 11, it was the first time viewers heard him sing. And surprise! This mystery celebrity has an amazing voice. What judges seemed to be torn about, however, was whether the Rhino was a famous athlete or a singer. Kim Jeong's guess was Tim Tebow — and that theory seems to have taken off from there.

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And the way the Rhino knelt? He has to be Tim Tebow.

Tim was well known for what came to be known as "Tebow-ing," which is when he took a knee in the end zone in reverence to his god. At the end of the Rhino's performance, that's exactly what it looked like he did. But if it really is Tim under the costume, would he dare to be so obvious?

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The Rhino is tall and so is Tim Tebow.

At 6 feet, 3 inches, Tim is a pretty tall dude — and so is the Rhino. So viewers went ahead and checked that box to further prove the minor league baseball player is behind the mask.

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Still, not everyone is convinced Tim Tebow is on 'The Masked Singer.'

Some viewers pointed out that Tim is incredibly busy playing baseball right now, considering — he signed with the New York Mets minor league team back in 2016. Except, as one Twitter user pointed out, this portion of The Masked Singer was actually pre-recorded. So it's entirely possible.

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Who knows, though? Perhaps the kneeling was done to throw viewers off. (And if so, it totally worked.) The Rhino could be some other tall guy — any other tall guy, really. Still, you have to admit, Tim is a solid guess considering the information that's currently available.

Be sure to catch The Masked Singer at 8 p.m. Tuesdays and Wednesdays on Fox.

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