How Did Season 1 of Netflix's 'Too Hot to Handle' End?

Who is the 'Too Hot to Handle' winner? Season 1 of the Netflix original experimental series dropped on April 17. The ending will surprise viewers.

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Apr. 17 2020, Updated 3:57 p.m. ET

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Fans who couldn't get enough of Love Is Blind will definitely get a kick out of Too Hot to Handle, which is like an X-rated version of the series (or like a tame version of Love Island). Instead of forging connections without being influenced by physical looks, Too Hot to Handle basically focuses on the opposite. 

Ten attractive singles are all living together in one paradise-esque home, and they can win up to $100,000 — as long as no one sleeps together. 

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While the purpose of Love Is Blind was to meet and then get engaged and married within the span of a few weeks, the goal of Too Hot to Handle is to avoid going too far with a hookup in order to win big at the end.

Of course, the challenges on the show will encourage physical touch, and the cash prize on Season 1 of the Netflix original was definitely cut at least once because one couple couldn't keep their hands off of one another. 

Source: Netflix
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With the entirety of Season 1 available to stream, some want to know who the Too Hot to Handle winner is. If you're someone who can't stand the suspense of waiting eight episodes to find out who wins, then read on. Spoilers ahead. 

Who is the 'Too Hot to Handle' winner?

Before we get to who the winner is for Season 1, let's break down how the Too Hot to Handle cast lost out on some of their original prize money. At the beginning of their month on the show, the 10 contestants began with a pool of $100,000, but physical contact lost them money on a scaled basis. A simple kiss would deplete the money by $3,000, while sex would cost $20,000. Any acts in between would also deduct from the prize. 

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During the course of the season, some of the contestants were unable to keep their hands to themselves. When they began the show, they were unaware that the premise would be not to be intimate with the other players.

The first act that lost the group money was when Rhonda Paul and Sharron Townsend spent a night together in the private suite. While it is never said what exactly went down, they lost a total of $16,000 for the group. 

Source: Netflix
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Four players later entered the game, meaning that there were now 14 people to split the prize. Throughout the course of the season, one player, Matthew Smith, left on his own volition, while three other contestants were kicked off by the virtual host after they failed to form connections with the others. 

With $84,000 left in the fund, the contestants were on high alert not to lose any more money. But, Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago ended up sleeping together, and the THTH players lost $20,000.

Only $64,000 of their original prize remained, but a twist soon entered into the equation. Virtual host Lana later told Harry and Francesca that they could win back some of the cash if they stayed in a private suite together and did not have any physical contact. 

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The couple managed to avoid temptation, and by the finale, there was $75,000 left. Lana then had the choice of which players could split the money. Some contestants figured that only those who formed strong connections would get to keep it, while others anticipated that those who refrained from physical contact would split it.

Proving that she's a fair robot, Lana let the final 10 contestants split their prize money. Each Too Hot to Handle finalist walked away with $7,500. 

Source: Netflix
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Are Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago still together after 'Too Hot to Handle'?

One of the undeniable connections made on Too Hot to Handle was between Francesca and Harry (and this connection cost them all $20,000 at first), but did things last beyond the show?

While Francesca and Harry have yet to comment on their post-show relationship status, the two do follow one another on Instagram. Plus, as viewers of the show will know, Harry said that he wanted to visit Francesca in her home city of Vancouver. 

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Per his Instagram page, Harry went to the Canadian city two times after the show finished filming — once in June of 2019 and another time in August of 2019. The two also posted very similar pictures from a lime green car in Vancouver.

Francesca has also posted a photo from Australia in June of 2019, which is where Harry is from. The two both put up photos from the Wildlife Sanctuary in Queensland at around the same time. 

While it appears as if they continued their romance beyond the show, it's unclear now whether or not they are still an item. The reality series filmed in early 2019, meaning that a lot of time has passed since they were under one roof. 

Season 1 of Too Hot to Handle is available to stream on Netflix now. 

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