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Source: Netflix

Tyler Perry’s New Netflix Movie Is a Dark and Deadly Thriller — but Is It Fiction?


For some, if Tyler Perry's name precedes the title of a movie, it means an instant win. His movies have run the gambit, from containing subject matter relating to family drama to romantic drama, and everything in between. His first Netflix movie, A Fall From Grace, veers off his typical path as a crime thriller. But because true crime is very much in right now, you may find yourself wondering if Tyler Perry’s Netflix movie is based on a true story.

When Grace Waters meets and falls for a much younger man, she is caught up in her whirlwind romance. But what starts out as an idyllic story turns dark. After they get married, he gains access to her money and the accounts in the company she works for. The trailer shows Grace in prison for what appears to be his murder, though there might not be a body and there could be a bigger conspiracy going on. It seems like a classic true crime drama, but it could have drawn on real life events.