"I Blocked You" — DJ Envy and Tyrese Address Beef on 'The Breakfast Club'

Social media users learned that Tyrese and DJ Envy's beef stemmed from the singer being disrespectful to one of the host's family members.

Tatayana Yomary - Author

Sep. 12 2023, Published 1:08 p.m. ET

Tyrese and DJ Envy
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The Gist:

  • Tyrese called out DJ Envy on social media over claims made during his September 2023 interview with The Breakfast Club.
  • DJ Envy alleges that Tyrese disrespected him and his wife, Gia Casey.
  • Gia Casey says that Tyrese was inappropriate with her in the past.
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New York City's Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club stands as one of the most notable morning radio shows. The show hosted by DJ Envy and Charlamagne tha God has been instrumental in everything from hip-hop culture to politics. Listeners and viewers have seen historic pop culture moments come to life while also learning about artists and public figures in real-time.

That said, The Breakfast Club is also known for having controversial conversations on-air — from talks with members of President Joe Biden’s administration to the near-altercation between Baby of Cash Money and the hosts. As per usual, the morning show has made headlines and this time it was Tyrese and co-host DJ Envy’s beef that turned heads. Here’s the 4-1-1.

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Tyres and DJ Envy
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Tyrese and DJ Envy aired out their beef and it turns out that disrespect was felt on both sides.

During the Sept. 7, 2023, broadcast of The Breakfast Club, things got a bit tense between Tyrese and DJ Envy. And of course, the moment made for some crazy soundbites.

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Tyrese appeared on the morning show to address his wrongs, which he calls an apology tour and thought The Breakfast Club was the perfect place to get the job done. During his chat, Tyrese called out DJ Envy for failing to support him while he was going through his divorce with his ex-wife Samantha Lee along with his mental health issues.

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“When Tyrese’s divorce comes across y’all headline, where is that same heart and love that I extended to you that you could extend to me instead of it just being paper-pushing,” Tyrese says on the show. “And this is what… ‘Tyrese is on the gram again.’”

In case you’ve been out of the loop, DJ Envy is regularly open about his past cheating incident on his wife, Gia Casey. At the time, Envy shared that Tyrese was there for the couple and helped them get through the tough time.

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Tyrese and his ex-wife Samantha Lee
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Tyrese continued to share that the behavior was expected from Charlamagne and called him his brother, along with on-air personalities and broadcasters. However, he didn’t expect that to come from Envy.

Envy responded by saying that the reason why his relationship with Tyrese was strained and he showed little regard for the actor’s predicament was due to his behavior with being on psych medication.

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“I never had a conversation with you because I never wanted to see you like that,” Envy says. “The person who spoke to my wife during that time with texts, I didn’t like that. And I wanted to remember Tyrese as a brother that helped my relationship… Not the Tyrese that was going through it, so I took a step back. I didn’t know what you were going through, and I tried to talk to you, and I saw who you were. When I saw how you were talking this way, I said I’m gonna take a step back.”

Gia Casey and DJ Envy
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Unfortunately, Tyrese wasn’t pleased with Envy’s response and reiterated that he never turned his back on Envy during his marital issues. And that’s when Envy went into full detail about his feelings and said that Tyrese disrespected his wife.

“You’re right, but I never talked to your wife in a disrespectful manner,” Envy says. “And you talked to mine in a disrespectful manner. And I never told nobody that… But as a man, some of the things that you said deserved me to box your mouth.”

Interestingly, Envy shared that the disrespect was so severe, that Gia wanted to cut off all contact with the actor.

“So that was the reason I stopped talking to you and wouldn’t reach out to you anymore. I’m like, ‘I don’t want to remember my brother as that,'” Envy says.

Oddly, Tyrese never apologized for his behavior, but he did claim that he was not “in control” while under the influence of psych meds.

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“The things I said and did, the people I rubbed the wrong way, and the things that I posted, my conduct overall was literally out of my control,” Tyrese adds.

The actor later asked for forgiveness.

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Tyrese accused DJ Envy of lying in a September 2023 Instagram Live session.

The beef hasn't been squashed — at least on Tyrese’s side. Since the interview, Tyrese has talked about his feelings and called Envy a liar in various Instagram Live posts. In one video, the singer even cried and said that they don’t “respect his mental health” while also sharing his own receipts that Envy lied on him.

Now that The Breakfast Club has become aware of Tyrese’s recent posts, Envy and his wife Gia are clearing things up. During the Sept. 12, 2023, broadcast of the show, Envy shared that he thought that things were good between himself and Tyrese. He said the men made amends and all was well.

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However, Envy believes that after Tyrese got home, he had a change of heart and started to backpedal on things that were said — from acknowledging that Envy blocked him to saying that he communicated with Gia.

Unfortunately, this prompted Envy to go into detail about how things went sour. Envy alleges that Tyrese wanted Envy and Gia to go on Instagram Live and throw shade at Samantha. Of course, Envy and Gia respectfully declined.

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Additionally, Envy accused Tyrese of slyly trying to make a pass at Gia when she and Envy were dealing with the cheating issue.

“When they were talking, he was one of those dudes and we all know that guy that tries to plant those seeds…'If you had a man like me, it wouldn’t have gone down like that. I would have never,'” Envy recalls of Tyrese telling Gia.

Envy shared that he never said anything because Tyrese did play a role in saving his marriage, so he took the disrespect to the chin. And he decided to put distance between them.

“It’s difficult because you have somebody that helped, but you have somebody that’s trying to hurt,” Envy says.

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Even more damning, Envy shared a text message he received from someone who worked for Tyrese. The text cautioned Envy to “stay away from Tyrese” due to the singer trying to “destroy” the person’s “marriage and career” and the person feared that he would do the same to Envy and Gia.

Keep in mind, Envy says that he never told anyone that Tyrese flirted with Gia. Envy also said that he doesn't know the man personally, but says that this shows Tyrese’s true character.

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Envy then called Gia while broadcasting the show and she explained why the couple cut ties with the actor. The wife and mother-of-six explained that Tyrese “became inappropriate and uncomfortable” with her over time.

“There were times that I felt that [Tyrese] was extremely demanding of my time and my attention,” Gia says. “If I didn’t give him my time and my attention, he would get very angry, and upset, and let me know what his expectations were of me.”

Gia Casey and DJ Envy
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Gia shared that while she knows Tyrese goes through things, at that time, she didn't feel that he was going through anything that would prompt him to behave the way he did. Envy asked Gia to get specific about the lines crossed, but she said she feels “uncomfortable to do so” since the couple still has respect for Tyrese despite them not being on speaking terms.

“I would feel more comfortable just being general,” Gia says. “There was flirting and inappropriate compliments for a woman who is married. Very clear lines were crossed.”

Of course, Gia’s points aligned with Envy's, and the co-host also spoke his peace about her comments.

“There are certain things you don't say to a man’s wife,” Envy says to Charlamagne. “There are certain things you don’t say to a man’s girlfriend. And there’s certain things you don’t say in a flirtatious way.”

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