Uber Driver Almost Gets Shot After Allegedly Trying to Break Into Woman's House

An Uber driver allegedly tried to break into this woman's home — luckily, she had protection. Now, the company's catching serious backlash.

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Jul. 5 2023, Published 7:06 p.m. ET

Picture this: You’re at home, chilling like a villain, and you need a lil’ something to snack on. But instead of putting on shoes and socks, and worst of all, pants, you decide to order out by way of a food delivery service.

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However, you get much more than you bargained for after the delivery driver tries to break into your house.

That’s reportedly what happened to Shar’Daya Hardin (known as @DAYxMARIE on Twitter), who documented her experience with an Uber Eats driver and shared the video in a now-viral tweet.

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This Uber Eats driver allegedly tried to break into a woman’s home and nearly got shot!

On June 12, 2023, Shar’Daya detailed her confrontation with an Uber driver who allegedly had malicious intent. She said she fell asleep amid the two-hour wait for her food and woke up to an unwanted visitor.

I woke up to him pushing on my door trying to break in,” Shar’Daya said. Luckily, she had protection. “I thought I was tripping so I grabbed my gun and went to the door.”

When the driver pushed through the door, Shar’Daya was waiting on him with her gun in hand. “He opened the door but didn’t come in because he [saw] my gun out,” Shar’Daya said of the incident, which took place in 2022.

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“He dropped to his knees saying sorry and please don’t tell on him … notice he doesn’t have the food in his hands LOL,” she said in another tweet, adding that after she reported the incident to Uber Eats, she was eventually banned from the platform.

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“I literally was scared to live there because of their employee,” Shar’Daya added. Later, in an interview with The Shade Room, she offered more context about what really went down.

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Shar’Daya told the outlet: “I always do no contact delivery, so they just leave it at the door. I do that because I have children, and I don’t want them to think they can open the door for strangers.”

She also says that after the incident, the driver reported "violence" in the system, which led to her being banned.

Who knows what would have happened if Shar’Daya didn’t have her gun on that fateful day. But this isn’t the first time someone’s life has been put in danger at the hands of a Uber Eats delivery driver.

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In fact, other patrons took to Twitter to share their scary experiences with the company. “Happened to me last month. Knocked his a-- out and now [he’s in jail],” Twitter user @BrazillyGotIt replied.

Another user, @OnlyEmoni, suggested that Shar’Daya sue the company.

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“[At this point], sue Uber Eats because it’s sounding like they set you up. There is absolutely no way you defended yourself against a possible serial killer and you received consequences. Just no way,” she tweeted. “I’m happy you are good but please take legal action, don’t let him or Uber get away with this.”

And that’s big facts. As of this writing, the company seemingly hasn’t made things right with Shar'Daya. After the backlash, Uber Eats better start doing some serious damage control.

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