Ugg Season Is Here! Celebrate With These Memes

Kelly Corbett - Author

Oct. 26 2022, Published 9:27 a.m. ET

Ugg memes
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Women love their Uggs. So much. Too much. But it all makes sense. They're comfy and cozy. They match most outfits. They're the type of boots that instantly get a gal out of shoveling snow. "Hey, I'd love to help but I don't want to ruin my Uggs."

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Basically, they have a chokehold on society. Once pumpkin spice season hits, the girls start dusting them off from inside their closets and prep them for the upcoming season. For the next hundred days or so, they will be worn every day even if it isn't cold out. Every time the temperature drops one degree, thousands of women will slip their feet into their Uggs for the first time this season.

Twitter is already rife with tweets about the iconic footwear. The season is here. Shall we celebrate?

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Check out our favorite Ugg season memes!

To Ugg owners, they are the greatest shoes ever. To most others, they look like horse hooves. But no one would ever say that aloud. That's practically hate speech.

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Uggs are like an umbrella during a storm. They are protective gear and make one invincible. It doesn't matter what you wear during cold weather as long as your feet are planted in Uggs. They will protect you.

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That said, the most popular attire to pair your Uggs with remains to be an oversized sweater with leggings.

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Oof. Ugg owners are so invested in Uggs that sometimes they forget that other shoes exist. Don't take it personally.

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Buying new Uggs during Ugg season is priority. Healthcare expenses can wait.

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Many times, Uggs don't have to do a lot of heavy lifting for their owners because it isn't actually cold outside. So when temperatures do drop, lazy Uggs may pout about the workday ahead of them.

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Pretty much. It's a whole mood.

So, when does Ugg season officially start?

There isn't an official start date for Ugg season. It usually starts during late fall or early winter. But for some peeps, it can start as early as September. It's different for every Ugg owner. For many women, Ugg season begins on the first morning they wake up after summer has ended and think "wow, I'm freezing." Some owners may hold out a bit.

Also, it's a tradition for Ugg owners to take a photo of their Uggs and/or their OOTD to mark their first day of Ugg season. Basically, if you don't tell or show everyone on social media that you've busted out the Uggs already, did it even happen? (The answer is no!).

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