USPS Won’t Deliver Mail to Woman’s House Due to Dog Bite — Except She Doesn’t Have a Dog

"Well, it could have been a stray or something," Emily was told, but the bite happened at her home.

Melissa Willets - Author

Mar. 4 2024, Updated 9:33 a.m. ET

A woman is venting her frustration over being put on a mail hold because a carrier was bitten by a dog at her home — except, the woman has never had a dog.

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The perplexed resident shared her head-shaking story on TikTok, where she posts content using the handle @emilily88. And you won't believe how exasperating things get — until they just get worse from there!

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Being put on a "dog hold" when you don't have a dog is up there with the most aggravating situations of all time.

When the TikToker who is going viral attempted to order an item via Amazon recently, she learned the package could not be delivered, and the company was not going to retry to deliver it. Why? Well, because of a dog bite that happened at her home.

So, naturally, she called and assured the postmaster she doesn't have a dog, and the creator was told that she should have received warning letters about the incident before mail delivery ceased.

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The creator assured the representative that she never received a warning letter.

"Well, it could have been a stray or something," the woman was told, but since the bite happened at her home, her mail is on hold. Say what?

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"All my neighbors are still getting mail," the woman then asserted, joking that the dog must be targeting mail carriers outside her home specifically.

But apparently when a mail carrier gets bitten "on the clock," he or she must file a police report and go to the hospital.

That's where this story gets kinda fishy, because as this creator noted, why would an incident that took place on her property and that resulted in a police report being filed never come to her attention?

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The woman is now "blacklisted" from getting mail.

The call got even more incomprehensible when the creator, who assured the postal representative that she wants carriers to be safe, was told that she'll never get mail delivered to home again. Ever.

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So what to do? Well, TikTok to the rescue! Commenters had suggestions for Emily as to how to attempt to resolve the issue.

In an update, the creator said she'd reached out to her congressperson, who was trying to help — but nothing had been successful as of yet.

Just when you were about to give up hope, well, you might want to, actually. In yet another update, this poor woman claimed that her congressperson informed her that she should not have been getting packages for years due to a "dog cutoff."

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Not only that, but her whole street should not be getting any deliveries due to some dog whose identity is yet to be revealed.

"Sorry I couldn't do more," the staffer at the representative's office basically said in the end.

"It does make more sense that it's not just my house," she said ultimately, and is clearly resigned to accepting the situation.

So, daily trips to the post office to pick up your mail then? It's not the worst thing.

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