Student Puts Her Venmo Info on Her Car Before Long Drive to Campus — Let's See How Much She Made

This person put her Venmo info on her car asking for change for the drive to college. You might not believe how much she ended up making.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Aug. 30 2023, Published 6:51 p.m. ET

When it comes to college, there are a lot of money issues that you'll have to consider. Tuition is only the start, especially once you consider what supplies you'll need, what books you might end up needing to buy, and how much you'll spend on food and other necessities. For new college students, you may end up thinking more about your funds than you ever have before. It's totally understandable if you'd want a little help.

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That's exactly what Becca (@beccamaile) on TikTok had to consider. However, she had an unorthodox idea to help earn her a little pocket money to get started on her drive to the first week of college. She ended up putting her Venmo information on her car in the hopes that some generous folks might help her out. You might not believe how much she ended up making on her drive.

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This new college student put her Venmo info on her car while she made the long drive to campus.

Becca shared everything about the process on her TikTok, which was posted on Aug. 14, 2023. She wrote out a short but informative message on her rear windshield.

It reads, "Driving 1,973 miles to college! Venmo me! Buy me a coffee!"

Sure enough, the message painted on her window also included her Venmo information.

That's certainly a long drive she had to contend with, which also amounts to lots and lots of coffee. Her message might have been unusual, but it certainly couldn't have hurt to put it up.

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The message was meant for anyone driving alongside her. Anyone who read it at the time had the option to find Becca on Venmo and throw a little cash her way to help out on the drive over.

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Surprisingly enough, she got back quite a few responses on the cash-lending app. Based on the messages included in the transactions, some of them seem as if they came from friends and family of Becca wishing her the best of luck.

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From the looks of it, though, some of the Venmo money came from complete strangers who were feeling generous enough to give out some pocket money to help Becca along. Many of the gifts included messages of well-wishes on her way to campus.

Not to mention, these were some remarkably generous donations! Most folks gave anywhere from $1 to $5, which would certainly provide some much-needed nourishment at any highway rest stop. However, some folks ended up giving $20 to even $25 for Becca to make her trip safely and comfortably.

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Based on our calculations and the transactions that Becca showed, she made $186.52 on her trip. That sounds like more than enough coffee to make the nearly 2,000-mile trip. It's safe to assume that Becca was super grateful for all of the generosity.

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Folks in the comments took plenty of cues from Becca's strategy too. One person who claimed to be gearing up for a thousand-mile drive at the time said they were planning on doing the same thing as Becca.

Is anyone else going to try doing this with their own car, college notwithstanding? It couldn't hurt, right?

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