Daughter Leaves Hilarious Messages on Her Parents' Doorbell Camera

A daughter is going viral for the hilarious messages she leaves for her parents' on their doorbell camera, and we can’t get enough of them!


Aug. 30 2023, Published 2:15 p.m. ET

Some pretty interesting “events” have been caught on doorbell cameras. In Florida, a man was caught injecting a potentially hazardous substance under his neighbor’s door while a woman elsewhere captured a DoorDasher criticizing her $5 tip after dropping off food at her elaborate dwelling.

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While doorbell cameras have certainly shed light on the crazy things happening in our world, they also provide us with some amusing content. And that brings me to the messages TikToker christikal’s (@christikalttv) daughter leaves on his doorbell camera. But I do have to warn you, after watching one video, you’ll likely be tempted to scroll through the dozens of others we are now thankful exist.

From positive affirmations to sharing Oreos, this daughter communicates with her parents via their doorbell camera.

It was the video titled “My daughter leaves messages on my doorbell Pt. 49” that I was first introduced to @christikalttv’s teen daughter. And now, I’m officially a follower and fan. In the video, which is merely the recording @christikalttv’s Vivint doorbell camera captured on a random day, his daughter starts off with a friendly greeting.

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While planting her face directly in front of the camera, she says “What is up my mammals,” and proceeds to sniffle and cough loudly. That, or it just sounded louder than usual because her mouth was positioned in the center of the camera.

She then explains, “I’m a little sick because my brother (emphasis on brother) gave me his disease.” She repeats “disease,” but this time, it's long and drawn out.

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Perhaps what is most comical about the video is how close her face is to the camera. Picture a five-point selfie that makes your nose appear much (much!) larger than it really is.

The teenager then takes a deep breath and shudders a bit before looking the camera right in the “eye” and asking her parents (I’m assuming) how their day has been. She adds “I hope it’s been good.”

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By the end of the video, @christikalttv’s daughter grunts disappointingly before going inside. Either she isn't pleased with the fact that she can’t stay home from school or is simply irritated by the fact that she’s sick.

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Doorbell cameras protect homes and are great communicative devices.

In the proceeding video (Part 48), @christikalttv’s daughter approaches the camera with Oreos in hand as if she’s a door-to-door salesman selling cookies. She then goes on to “discuss” (it’s only a one-way convo here) with her parents how her first day of school went.

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“So, my first school day was fine. It was fine. Then, I have my best friend in my History class which is the next block, and then [crunches on an Oreo] I have lunch. And then I have band, and then I have [more crunching] gym, and then English. And, I love English — favorite subject.” At this point in the video, I’m really considering throwing a package of Oreos on my next Walmart delivery order.

The TikToker’s daughter then finishes off the video (and nearly the entire package of cookies) by offering up some of her mega stuffed Oreos to the camera. She confidently points out, “Not double stuffed, not regular stuffed – mega-stuffed, it’s mega.”

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So, parents, if you’re in need of a new method to communicate with your kids, why not try a doorbell camera? You’re not only protecting your home but also giving your kids a new outlet to express themselves. It’s a win-win!

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