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Source: Getty

Kristen Bell Actually Played a Major Role on 'Gossip Girl'


Hey, Upper East Siders! We all remember when the first installment of Gossip Girl ended in 2012, a full seven years ago. But with a reboot of the series coming to HBO Max next year, fans are anticipating who might return from the original series.

And since it was recently announced that Kristen Bell will be "coming back" for the reboot, fans are wondering who she was in Gossip Girl. It turns out she actually held a major role on the show. 

Was Kristen Bell in Gossip Girl? You'll definitely recognize her voice.

Obviously, our beloved Good Place star didn't play the role of Serena, Blair, or Jenny. Heck, she wasn't even one of Blair's minions. Her role actually proved to be far more important than that.

It turns out that Kristen narrated the entire series... it was her job to jog viewers' memories regarding recent drama, discuss any cliffhangers at the end of the show, and  — of course — it was she who said that ever iconic line...