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Source: HBO

'Watchmen' Easter Eggs You Totally Missed in the Premiere (SPOILERS)


Warning: This article is full of spoilers for the premiere episode of HBO's Watchmen. So if you haven't watched it yet, do that... like, now. 

Watchmen is a beloved comic book and notoriously difficult-to-adapt classic that HBO nevertheless took a crack at. And though HBO's Watchmen differs in many ways from the original, the premiere showed us a strong universe that tackles the tough, pertinent issues of today.

There are also Watchmen easter eggs all over the first episode of the show.

These little nods to the comic book, these tiny details of the world of the show, link it inextricably to its origin story and offer fans of the comic a line of connection to this new take on an old classic. Here are some of the easter eggs you might have missed.