Those Glowing Stakes Will Unlock Legendary Pokémon in 'Scarlet' and 'Violet'

There are various ominous colored stakes sticking out of the ground around Paldea, but what are they for in 'Pokémon Scarlet' and 'Violet'?

Sara Belcher - Author

Nov. 29 2022, Published 7:01 p.m. ET

As you explore the Paldea region in the new Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you'll come across various "ominous" stakes sticking out of the ground. There are four different colored stakes located around the region: black, blue, yellow, and green. When you interact with the item, they'll disappear, leaving behind the message "When you pulled out the stake, it crumpled and vanished."

But what are these ominous colored stakes for? They're important for some post-game content in the new Pokémon titles.

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What are ominous stakes? How to get the post-game Legendaries.

The four different colored ominous stakes correlate to different shrines, each of which holds a powerful new Legendary Pokémon. By pulling out all of the stakes of a single color, you'll unlock the shrine and be able to face off against the Legendary, giving you a chance to catch it and add it to your team.

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The black stakes are connected to the Dark and Grass-type Legendary Wo-Chien, yellow are for the Dark and Ice-type Chien-Pao, green are for Dark and Ground-type Ting-Lu, and blue stakes unveil Dark and Fire-type Legendary Chi-Yu.

We're calling it "post-game" content, because you'll technically need to defeat all five Titans and completely upgrade Miraidon or Koraidon to access all of the stakes, though you theoretically could reach all four Legendary Pokémon without completing all three paths.

All ominous stake locations — where to find all of the shrines.

Thankfully, each shrine and their respective stakes are cornered off to specific regions of the map, meaning you can keep your search to one section of the map for each individual shrine. There are eight stakes for each shrine, though there is no way in-game to show how many you've already collected, so you'll have to keep checking the shrines to see if they're unlocked.

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Here's a summary of all of the stake locations:

ShrineLocations in Paldea
Grasswither Shrine (black stakes)Southeast Paldea — Los Platos, South Province (Areas One, Three, Five), and East Province (Area One).
Icerend Shrine (yellow stakes)Southwest Paldea — South Province (Area Six), West Province (Area One), and Cascarrafa.
Groundblight Shrine (green stakes)Northwest Paldea — West Province (Areas Two and Three) and Casseroya Lake
Firescourge Shrine (blue stakes)Northeast Paldea — Glaseado Mountain, Fury Falls, North Province (Areas One, Two, and Three), and Levincia.
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