Is There a Recipe for Chupagetti? We Track Down the Meaning of the Frequently Used Word

What does chupagetti mean on TikTok? An increasing number of TikTok users are stumbling on comments that read "here's the recipe for chupagetti."

Leila Kozma - Author

Apr. 1 2022, Published 11:47 a.m. ET

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Scrolling TikTok can be an easy way to switch off and take your mind off the complications of everyday life. For an increasing number of social media users, the experience is increasingly fraught with a seemingly trivial but bothersome issue. If the brownie recipe appearing in comment sections didn't make your head spin, a new phenomenon just might. What is chupagetti? What does it mean on TikTok?

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What does "chupagetti" mean on TikTok?

Commenters started to use a new phrase, "Here's the recipe for chupagetti," under various TikTok videos. Its predecessor, the brownie recipe trend, featured a recipe calling for half a cup of butter, two eggs, one cup of sugar, one-third cup of cocoa powder, two teaspoons of vanilla extract, and half a cup of flour — which got copy-pasted ad infinitum in the comments.

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Per Mashed, the brownie recipe featured no real instructions, such as oven temperature or pan size — which, arguably, only increased the inconvenience factor of the comments.

Trolls on the platform are now turning their attention to an iteration of the brownie recipe trend that's just as annoying: repeatedly commenting, "Here's the recipe for chupagetti," on people's videos.

The move has been received less than favorably by avid TikTok users and anyone with a genuine interest in perusing the comment sections. As several people have pointed out on Twitter, the chupagetti trend is making their user journey far less enjoyable.

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"If I see another, 'Here's the recipe for chupagetti' TikTok comment, I'm deleting the app for a week," tweeted @sheynlynn.

"Every comment section on TikTok be like: 'Here's the recipe for chupagetti,'" tweeted @louvrejae.

"'Here's the recipe for chupagetti' in TikTok comments is annoying the hell out of me," tweeted @saffeiartcafe.

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"Chupagetti" is a portmanteau of a swear word and spaghetti.

If you've ever held a Chupa Chups lollipop in your hand, figuring out the meaning of "chupagetti" should be quite easy. In essence, chupagetti is most frequently described as the combination of a Tagalog curse word, tsupa, and spaghetti. A similar word also exists in Spanish: chupa.

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Followchain credits Tyrone Tiaga, a thirty-something YouTuber from Lucena, Philippines, as the person to first coin the phrase. Knowing the background story, as most TikTok users would attest, does not mitigate the sheer annoyance triggered by the sudden appearance of the phrase.

"If you're one of the people commenting, 'Here's the recipe for Chupagetti,' on TikTok I hope you die," tweeted @dreamboyjin.

"Can everybody stop commenting in TikTok videos, 'Here's the recipe for Chupagetti,' like I don't care about the recipe and it’s annoying AF," tweeted @heyyanxz.

We can only hope that the TikTok moderators step up their game and soon invent a strategy to counteract the fast-growing trend.

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